The original Halud are descendants of the near-human Kumumgah of Tattooine. During ancient times, they were great hyperspace explorers. Their ships colonized many areas of the galaxy that are still considered unknown to this day.

But, after century long war against the Chiss, the Kumumgah civilization fell. The survivors on Tattooine became the Tusken Raider tribes that wander the ruined wastelands of Tattooine. The colonies, now separated from the homeworld, banded together to survive. Over time, they became known as the ‘Halud’, a word that means ‘the wanderers’ but has its root form in the Kumumgah word for ‘the beginning’.

Flung across dozens of worlds along the Inner and Outer Rim, Halud explorers made contact with the insectoid species, Vratix on Thyferra. There the Halud struck a trade bargain that has lasted generations.

The Vratix had discovered how to create a substance known as ‘bacta’ from alazhi and kavam. But, they were unable to refine it for other species. The Halud, using their extensive knowledge of genetics, was able to refine bacta into a stable healing gel. This gel could be used on more than just the Vratix. Together the Vratix and the Halud have jointly worked on bacta refinement for generations. From this, a new age of enlightment for the Halud was born, yet tempered with caution from the nightmare of war against the Chiss.

Legend has it that the current culture of the Halud was greatly influenced by two outside sources, a wandering Jedi Knight and later a Mentat anthropologist. Each stayed with the Halud for some time, leaving a great impact on the local culture. This is reflected in the Halud’s particular interest to blend the scientific with the artistic. Yet, all of this is tempered with a constant training to defend against agressors like the Chiss.

Today, the Halud are made up both humans and near-human, cat-like, descendants of the Kumumgah. While pursing their interests in the sciences and artistic endevours, they also fanatically uphold their generations-old arrangement with the Vratix. The Halud do this by sending ships with highly trained fighters called the Gol Durat. The Gol Durat patrol, guard and protect what the Halud and Vratix call the “Bacta Road”.


Now, the Halud and their allies the Vratix are constantly at odds with two Corporate Sector companies that have all but conquered Thyferra to control the bacta production. Those are Zaltin and Xucphra. When those two companies are not at odds with each other, they are fighting against the Halud who protect the Vratix.

Rumor has it that the Halud use a highly refined bacta, which they refer to as ‘bacta nectar’ or ‘ambrosia’. This refined version of bacta is not readily available to the galaxy at large, and does allow the Halud to perform astounding medical accomplishments.


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