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  • Chalcedon

    [[File:549003 | class=media-item-align-right | chalcedon.png]] Chalcedon is a planet in the [[Chalcedon system]], which is in the Tashtor sector of the Mid Rim. During the ancient Pre-Republic era, Chalcedon was rumored to be ruled by the Rakatan …

  • Great Gran Run

    The Great Gran Run is a hyperspace route running from [[Kinyen]] at the [[Corellian Trade Spine]], all the way to [[Cerea]] where it ended. The route is popular among smugglers and independent traders for a reliable route to the Core Wolds, or the Outer …

  • Ado Sector

    Ado sector is a sector in the Mid Rim. It included the territory of the Induparan Crown Worlds such as [[Indupar]] and [[Ec Pand]], and also [[StarForge Station]], an illegal shadowport, in the [[StarForge Nebula]].

  • Indupar

    Indupar is a Mid Rim world in Ado sector and the capital of the Induparian Crown Worlds. It's ruled by a monarchy and House Indupar, including King Dahon Indupar. During the Clone Wars, Indupar was within Separatist Space and were a stalwart supporter …

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