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  • Lammax Station

    Located in the [[Danju System | Danju system]], it's overwhelmed by pirate traffic to and from the nearby shadow station, and the nonsense occurring in the nearby nebula. *Quad Sarkin* is the current commanding officer.

  • Acer

    Wingman for Gold-8 (a.k.a. Yeager), flying fighter escort out of the [[Vigilant]]. As a crew member for that convoy, he's also a member of [[Clan Venn]]. Originating adventure: Shards of Honor 39.0 "Rebel Yell"

  • Aola

    "ZeHethbra":http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Zehethbra [[:danar-vorpadaran | Danar]] rescued her from a locker in a ship being used by the Straw Hat Gang. And then gave her vibroknives. And a blaster rifle. And a shield belt. Apparently she *REALLY* …

  • Elber

    former slythmonger, captured 8 years ago by the Nightsisters and beaten until the brainwashing took effect, fanatical slave ever since ... well, until we slid him into professional therapy Originating adventure: Shards of Honor 39.0 "Rebel Yell"

  • Loren

    Very by-the-book commander of a [[Vigilant | Venator-class destroyer]], leading through the nebula a badly-damaged convoy sent on a secret mission by [[:palpatine-2 | Chancellor Palpatine]]. He may be a cyborg, but he sure acts like a perfectly healthy …

  • Ton Wi

    [[Kamino | Planetary]] black sheep, she's one of two Kaminoans who didn't agree with the rest of the Kaminoans regarding treatment of clones. She stumbled across some information that she smuggled to [[:sela-venn | Master Sela Venn]], in whom she confided …

  • Sela Venn

    Originally the General assigned to the [[Vigilant | Vigilant]], she absorbed the entire output of a radiation-based superweapon attack on her entire fleet. Unfortunately the radiation sickness slowly killed her. She'd been friends with [[:ton-wi | Ton Wi …

  • Sev

    Works out of CnC on the [[Vigilant]], runs the master Comms board on the bridge when the convoy is at General Quarters, and knows we love him. Since he's a member of the _Vigilant_'s crew, he's also a member of [[Venn | Clan Venn]].

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