Star Wars: Shards

Episode 2.07 - The Hunt For Silar Mins, Part 4

Return to sender

Star Wars – Shards of Infamy

Episode 2.07

The Hunt for Silar Mins, Part IV

The last of the ion storm plays out leaving Arcadia station and the space around Mechis III clear.

With the charged debris field launched into hyperspace and the storm was gone, the crew has time to consider the offer from the Cathar, Mordecai.

But! Then there is the Black Hat pilot, Hinaka Creed. He survived the trip to Mechis to warn the Banana Republic but is paying for that by laying unconscious in Arcadia station’s medbay. Also, who else heard that distress warning and took note it?

And what should be done about the human that Mordecai claims is his apprentice? The man bears an uncanny resemblance to Yeager Lexis, consort to the Empress of the Galactic Star Empire. So much that he could be his twin or his clone.

Also, there is the trip to Vandelheim to collect Arthren’nis Jarl’s brother, Gowri, the other half of “Silar Mins” to help free the trapped Arc troopers.

And last, what of this ‘other’ Silar Mins? What is he after and does the crew of the Banana Republic stand in his way?


Banzai_Aether Banzai_Aether

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