Star Wars: Shards

Episode 2.07 - The Hunt For Silar Mins, Part 3

All in a day's work

Star Wars – Shards of Infamy

Episode 2.07

The Hunt for Silar Mins, Part III

After a six hour stay with Cenvex security, the crew of the Banana Republic are released to the smiling face of Mabon Pamphero … and Shree with a cadre of armed battle droids from the Banana Republic!

As Security Chief Kalidarn was in a forgiving mood, and had experienced before what problems Madalitso Cardea can generate, he let everyone go with a warning: be more careful in the future.

After leaving, the heroes have a quick conversation with your new allies, Captain Isra Garick and Jangir Toth. There is a job to do for the beer baron but “Silar” – who in reality was Arthren’nis Jarl – needed to be kept on a short leash. Jangir agrees to come along, while Captain Garick suggests she lead the Crimson Nova on a false chase to a rival bounty hunter guild. She said she would catch up later.

From there, the Banana Republic jumps to hyperspace for the Mustafar system. Arriving a week later, they drop into the middle of a space battle! The Black Hat pirate gang is attacking Pegasus Station and the station is calling for help!

Acting fast, the Banana Republic attacks. Just as the battle heats up, the mysterious gang of droideka mercenaries and pirates called Drozka’s raiders drops out of hyperspace! Making a quick alliance with the Black Hats, the Banana Republic turns to fight off the new threat. The deal with the Black Hats being that the return of a stolen data chip hidden among Abhay Ronan’s beer barrels.

With the fight over, the Banana Republic loads the barrels aboard, and locate the data chip. The crew makes a copy, leaving the original chip in a drone for the pirates to collect. The Banana Republic ejects the drone, then jumps to hyperspace.

While on the trip from Mustafar to Mechis, there is time to examine the copied data. There were only two items: a set of astrogation coordinates and a security code. At first no one recognizes either one, until Dizzy remembers the code during her time in the clone wars. It is a particular security code pattern used only for Omega-level clearance for the Confederacy of Independent Systems. The Separatists.

Uneasy about the find, they contact the Jedi temple and speak with Master Kenobi. They ask for his help, wanting to meet him and Senator Padme Skywalker on Mechis. The hope being that they could help shed some light on this mystery.

The trip through hyperspace takes less time than anticipated as the Banana Republic arrives in Mechis a little over five days later. Dropping from hyperspace, the Banana Republic enters the Mechis system. Home to Mechis III, a rocky, arid world which houses many of the top droid designer and construction facilities.

The com channel lights up with a signal from Arcadia Station, the space station in orbit around Mechis III. Along with that is a second call from a ship called, Reilly’s Luck, the light freighter owned by Captain Isra Garick.


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