VN Ysadora

Brown hair, brown eyes, slate blue Jedi uniform, slate gray traveller's robe cut off at mid-thigh

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    Jedi Knight (Battle Master)
    Human Female, age approximately 34.
    Height: 5’6"
    Weight: approx. 150 lbs
    Brown eyes, brown hair, bluish-grey Jedi uniform, lightsaber holster on each hip and heavy blaster holster at small of back, well-used DataPADD in belt holster. Jedi robe has been cut (with a lightsaber) to just above her knees.


Move: 10
Character Points: 11
Force Points: 19
Dark Side Points: 0
Funds: 3d (1d)


Dexterity: 3d
Perception: 3d
Knowledge: 2d

Strength: 3d
Mechanical: 2d
Technical: 2d

Control: 5d + 2
Sense: 5d + 0
Alter: 4d


  • 2 Lightsabers (5d damage)
  • Robes + 1 change of clothes.
  • Commlink
  • DataPADD (Pocket secretary)
  • 2 heavy blasters (5d damage), 1 with a scope; but one of the two (GM’s choice per adventure) is generally left at the Jedi Temple. On both, they’ve been set to STUN and then the switch has been disconnected.
  • Rebreather with small oxygen cannister and oxy extraction system
  • 1 can NuSkin (spray-on skin)
  • Medkit, disassembled and contents shoved into various belt pouches
  • night-vision lenses
  • repair/maintenance tools for lightsabers and blaster

Generally left behind at home:

  • whichever one of the two heavy blasters has been left in the gunsafe instead of stuck into holster when she walked out of her room, last time she slept at the Temple. The heavy blaster WITH the scope was a present from Obi-Wan Kenobi; the other one is older, and has taken quite the beating over the past couple of decades
  • Minbari pike, one end painted black with gold, silver, and gemlike “stars”; also has a harpoon attachment for the pike
  • Used to have a medglove. Somebody in the party took off with it a couple of years ago. Haven’t bothered to replace it, but I still have the recharging connector.
  • also in my closet is a bunch of Leia’s clothing. Apparently this is stuff that’s not needed frequently but will someday be required again. None of it fits me even remotely. I can’t remember why I agreed to let her use my storage space, something about how I wasn’t doing anything with it anyway, and I suspect I may’ve been Jedi Beer Tricked.

Dexterity skills

Blaster 3d+1
brawling parry 3d+1
dodge 3d+2
firearms 3d+1
Lightsaber Combat 6d+0
Melee Combat 3d+1
Melee Parry 4d+1

Perception skills

bargain 3d+2
command 3d+2
con 3d+2
hide (on person)
intimidation 3d+1
Investigation 4d
tracking 3d+2
persuasion 4d+0

Knowledge skills

business 2d+2
Cultures 2d+1
specialization of Cultures: Tapani 2d+2
Specialization of Languages: Jedi Script 2d+1
Law Enforcement
Specialization of Law Enforcement: the Empire 2d+1
Specialization of Law Enforcement: Tapani/New Alliance 3d+0
Planetary Systems
Kwi Map (Part 3) 4d+0 includes the Csilla system, Kril’Dor and Roxuli are on the edge of my map segment (so some of Unknown Regions nw of the Metellos Trade Route and the Hydian Way
Religion 3d+1
Security Regulations 2d
Specialization of Survival: Wilderness 2d+1
Tactics 3d+2
Willpower 4d

Strength skills

stamina 3d+1
Specialization of Brawling: Martial Arts 9d+0

  • Punch ((Str +1)d damage)
  • Kick ((Str + 2)d damage)
  • Hold/Grapple (Moderate skill roll to grab, opposed STR roll to continue)
  • Elbow Smash (Very Easy, add +1D to damage roll)
  • Multiple Strikes (Moderate, 2nd attack has no multiple action penalties and inflicts 3d damage)
  • Power Block (Moderate, inflicts STR+1D on target)
  • Instant Knockdown (Moderate, see p.117 in Rules of Engagement)

Mechanical skills

Beast riding
Repulsorlift operation
starship gunnery
starship shields
starfighter piloting 2d+1
Specialization of Starfighter Piloting: Jedi Starfighter piloting 3d+0

Technical skills

computer programming/repair 3d+0
first aid 2d+1
lightsaber repair
security (lockpicking) 2d+1
security (system identification) 2d+1

Force Skills

Absorb/Dissipate Energy (Control)
Battle Mind (Control and Sense)
Combat Sense (Sense)
Concentrate (Control)
Control Pain (Control)
Control Another’s Pain (Control and Alter)
Danger Sense (Sense)
Emptiness (Sense)
Enhance Attribute (Control)
Farseeing (Control and Sense)
Force of Will (Control)
Life Detection (Sense)
Life Sense (Sense)
Lightsaber Combat (Control and Sense)
Projective Telepathy (Control and Sense)
Receptive Telepathy (Sense)
Remain Conscious (Control)
Resist Stun (Control)
Sense Force (Sense)
(Sense Stormtrooper!) (Sense)
Telekinesis (Alter)
Transfer Force (Control and Alter)

Note: Vanya is practitioner of Form V: Shien. Feel free to ask Master Kenobi to discourse a while on that.


From Ysadora’s own notes, accessible via intrusion into her DataPADD:

Around thirty to thirty-five standard years old, brown eyes, brown hair worn long and usually loose, approximately 5’6" and 150 lbs.

Born at Mirrul Hospital, Skirzden, Esseles, Essessia System, Darpa sector; raised by standard contract at Skirzden Star Creche, Esseles, Darpa sector; graduated Calamar Technical University with certification in database administration; left Esseles without filing travel plan. Job history: various.

Licensed four years later by Imperial Review Board as a private investigator.

Operated an office on Siskel Station.

Student of Jedi Master Skywalker until the Nostromo incident, after which time she was seen travelling with Jedi Master Kenobi. Good at finding Storm Troopers. Graduated to Jedi Knight after the second death of Palpatine, at the end of the Shadows of an Empire adventure.

A former private detective, frequently seeming to be at odds with the sometimes not-so-practical Jedi Masters, Vanya quickly gained a reputation as one of the more inquisitive Jedi padawans currently being trained. Her original master was Anakin Skywalker, who at a certain point in her training passed her over to Master Obi-wan Kenobi, the one who trained Anakin Skywalker. Masters Kenobi, Skywalker, Yoda, and Hinalli once swore up and down to have seen visions of Vanya through the Force, showing that she could become a great something-something-something if she would just QUIT ARGUING FOR FIVE MINUTES and listen more closely to the lecture in progress. That conversation went VERY well, Vanya thought, even while on k.p.

Editor’s note: Don’t call me “dame” unless you can do it like Bogey, shweethaht. And “Vanya”? NOT my legal name. It’s a nickname. Check my PI license if you don’t believe me. So you’ve not got a “respecting tradition” leg to stand on there.

Some of the above may be carefully presented to create a certain effect in an unauthorized reader.

Vanya has registered a legal abdication of claim, for herself in perpetuity, to any familial rights in connection with the Vorharkonnen noble family.

Vanya and Davish are running a cross between a clergy consultation office and a private investigator office in the Tavya System, which is part of the Freeworlds Territory. It’s only a couple hops down from Allandor and the Jedi Temple. It is on the Procopian Shipping Lane, so plenty of traffic passes through. Vanya has been joking around with the phrase “Go to Tavya Nine, ask for Ysadora, she will help you” but does not really expect that to catch on. For one thing, it has no rhythm to it.

VN Ysadora

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