Eleni Benacor

Human female, smuggler, Orange Catholic


(To be replaced by the player’s own notes, if and when; the “Vanya Writeup” is a placeholder.)

A pir pilot with her own modest ship, Eleni spends a lot of her time (but not all) under the employ of Admiral D’arcy, often on the run from several bounties for the things she and her most likely passengers have done under the employ of Admiral D’arcy, and generally earning a reputation for being highly competent in her bad-ass (Yeager-provided) armor while being employed by Admiral D’arcy. She’s a parishioner of the Orange Universalist Catholic faith, and may’ve even spent a couple years trying an educational course at a seminary, but you don’t see her running around doing the Bene Gesserit things: no matchmaking, no encouraging post-adolescents toward bootycalls, no fixation on giving babies a blood test or sticking somebody’s hand in an ouchy box.

Actually, I think the ouchy box thing is probably another fine invention of the same lunatics who brought us Jedi Quest.

Anyway, the guys enjoy watching recordings of her in smack-the-stupid action, and have a mild but healthy bit of hero-worship for her. Kind of like your typical Tapani native and a member of the Fondor-based bolo-ball team.

Eleni Benacor

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