Davish Tam

Crimson Knight and investigator


Sir Tam stands just shy of six feet, with dark hair and eyes. Usually a quiet man with a quick, easy smile he has been regarded as more than a little charming. In more formal occasions, he will be dressed in the trademark red armor of the Crimson Knights and armed with his white-bladed lightsaber. In less formal settings, he is often dressed more casual, yet not quite as ‘proper’ as his cousin, Simon.


From VN Ysadora’s datapad …

He’s, uh, well, he’s polite. And gracious. Possibly honorable. Certainly lights up in the Force, though he seems to have avoided picking a team there. Oh, and bosses K7 currently. He’s a member of the Crimson Knights, under the command of Ivana Maeques, and he has a cousin named Simon Tam who’s a doctor.

Davish is a human lieutenant in good standing with the Crimson Knight order and cousin to the famed doctor, Simon Tam.

Due to his inventiveness and ability to think on his feet in tough situations, he has been sent into many difficult situations. Currently, he is assigned as a liason to the government in the Tapani Sector by the Crimson Knights and the Galactic Empire. This suits him just fine as he’s currently dating Jedi Padawan Vanya Ysadora.

Davish Tam

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