Aerena 'Relentless' Kolene

Corellian pilot and former Medusa




Aerena is a human female from Corellia. She was born to a loving family and had a pleasant childhood. Jedi came to her town when she was small and she was tested to see if she was force sensitive – she was not. Strategy then struck in her early teen years when her father died in a mining accident. Aerena and her mother moved to the capital to live with an aunt. Her mother said her aunt worked for the government and to not ask her about her job – ever. Aerena figured she was a tax collector and didn’t worry about it while attending school and learning everything she could. Apparently, she was able to learn easily and had a retentive mind. As she came closer to graduation and the time to pick her career, her heart moved her to pick piloting. She loved flying and worked hard to get into space every chance she got. At this time in her life, her aunt played a pivotal role. It turns out that her aunt wasn’t a tax collector, but instead worked in the Corellian Intelligence Service. Her aunt made her a deal. Join the military and pass the pilot training they gave. Once she graduated, her aunt would give her a starship, an X-Wing. There was a string attached – Aerena became a spy. The end goal was for her to wind up as a pirate with the Medusas. Aerena’s aunt wanted someone on the inside to find out how they were organized, what their goals were, and hopefully to bring them down.

Step one of her aunt’ plan was for Aerena to get a dishonorable discharge from the military and began drifting through the sector working whatever job came to hand. Since she had an X-wing and the skills to use it, there were few things she was unable to do. Slavery was one thing she would have no part of, however. Time passed and she began to make a name for herself as one who would do what she promised. Eventually she was approached by a Medusa and invited to join with them. Her aunt was thrilled – Aerena just considered it payment for her ship. She began collecting the intel her aunt wanted and then the civil war erupted around the galaxy. The pirates took jobs for both sides – depending on who was paying more that week. None of the pirates seem to care who wins the war, and that others Aerana. She is a Corellian and believes in the Alliance. As the war draws to an end, she quits
the Medusa’s to take a more active role in the aftermath. Some of the pirates feel she is a traitor, but others agree with her choice and bear her no ill will. She will still occasionally help some of the Medusas complete missions, but only those she feels are good – or at least not bad.

Since leaving the Medusas, she has reported all information that she learned to her aunt so payment for her ship has been rendered in full as she was able to convince her aunt that the Medusas weren’t evil and provided necessary services for the sectors. She continues to pick up odd jobs and always delivers on her promises. Personally, she continues to learn everything she can and is a voracious reader. She tends to avoid Jedi, not from fear, but
simply because she would rather solve problems her way.

Aerena 'Relentless' Kolene

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