Star Wars: Shards

Episode 54 - Shadows of an Empire, Act 5

Heir To Rebellion


On the forested moon of Torak Fell

With the heroes back at the main estate house, House Vorboccioni security quickly surveyed the mysterious underground “site”. Ground sensors accurately identified a fully intact, Marauder class, corvette! Leaving Kayla to oversee the restoration of House security, Ursula prepared to begin the excavation of the Marauder, indicating to Count Vorboccioni, “It’s perfect. Especially with how cutthroat the shipping business is …”

This leaves our heroes to regroup, find a way to transport the rescued Jedi Master Kryn Toth back to Allandor for treatment and recovery, and unravel the mystery around the crimes against Danar, Yeager and rise of Empress Katianna.

Meanwhile …

This is Morris Van Turpin Of Pan-Galactic News … the news you can count on!

In a breaking story … word has come from the Alliance fleet in the Shindra system. A contingent of Beskar Aran and Adeptas Soriatas sent to the new Alliance flagship to assist in security were summarily disarmed and discharged back to Procopia by Admiral D’Arcy himself. Of the contingent, only Sister Lieutenant Jenna Martovich and Captain Razak were allowed to remain as “civilian observers” that were under the supervision of Imperial Auditor Miles Vorkosigan.

Quoting Admiral D’Arcy: “The situation in Shindra is dangerously fluid. I have great respect for the Beskar Aran and the Sisters of Battle, they are not authorized Alliance military, during this time of crisis. For their safety, only one member of each will remain as an observer under the authority of Auditor Miles Vorkosigan.”

In other news, the requested Mentat Auditor has been dispatched from Mentis. He is being brought directly to Procopia at best possible speed. Also on Procopia, Dr. Simon Tam is now sequestered on the Royal premises. The reason given is so that he may better see to the Emperor’s direct care.

More in a moment as we return to the groundbreaking revelation that the head of House Vorpadaran may have confessed to violating the infamous and lethal Vorloupulous’s Law.


Obi-Wan says he’ll pass the message along to Augwynne Djo. So that’s one thing.


Oh look, Ancestor Count Vorboccioni used to hang out with Aral Vorkosigan, Jedi Master Mifune, and adventuress-era Weiss.


Who are Taria Melkenasse, and Sir Ishan Durganov (besides head of security for Vorkalloner), and why was Palpatine’s agency recently arranging for background checks on them?


The death of Aiden Quillix. So sad. (Maybe we’ll revive him when a year or so has gone by? But we’ll have to take out the Bounty Hunter Guild first, because otherwise they’ll merely revive the 100-million-credit bounty on his corpse.


Danar Vorpaderan is going to propose marriage to Imperial Princess Katianna Vortapani.

Because he would prefer we not go with MY plan to remove her abruptly from the weakened Imperial Palace.

If she declines: we raid anyway!

(Yeager and I are swiping Simon Tam, “swiping Gregor”, and grabbing a lot of the Beskar Aran while we exit. Oh, and I’m meeting with young Miss Vormecetti just before this all goes down, and drafting her too.)

All rescuees will be relocated to New Dendarii where McBane’s Mercenary Company will have the two tanks and the Grand Solicitor and Lady Vorpatril and Ton Wi.

Banzai_Aether JarissaVenters

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