Star Wars: Shards

Episode 53 - Cry Havok, Part 2

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Star Wars – Shards of Honor

Episode 53

Cry Havok

The CONFEDERACY DREADNOUGHT bears down on Shindra. Its escorts launch waves of fighters and landing craft. These are immediately intercepted by a combined force of ALLIANCE, DENDARII MERCENARIES and fighter wings from CLAN VENN. The battle for the fate of Shindra has begun.

On the other side the border between the CONFEDERACY and the ALLIANCE, the surviving ships from both sides have retreated to count their losses. The ALLIANCE gathered at the orbital Naval base at Crella, the CONFEDERACY to an old gas mining station in orbit around the fourth planet of the system.

Meanwhile, while our heroes speed towards the planet surface of Crella in search of Dr. Ton Wi, a pair of concealed CONFEDERACY assault shuttles follow them discreetly …


Vanya spent 1 Force Point to help Yeager resist Themian Vorhezeron’s Sith attack.

Episode 53 - Cry Havok, Part 2
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