Star Wars: Shards

Episode 3.04 - The Revolving Temple

Arrival at Chalcedon!


Star Wars – Shards of Exploration

Episode 3.04


Returning to their ships and droids, the group meets one last time with the Vratix. There is more work left before all species are free and equal on Thyferra. But, the heroes efforts helped that effort take a step forward.

Jedi Master Windu also leaves Thyferra, bidding the heroes good journey. He makes his way to the JEDI TEMPLE on ALLANDOR to meet with the Council. Master Windu has felt a disturbance in the Force. An ancient, long hidden power is about to re-awaken in the FREEWORLDS LEAGUE. It is aboard a derelict ship named the WESTLAKE.

Meanwhile, the heroes travel to CHALCEDON to meet THE COLLECTOR. They arrive out of hyperspace and arrive near the ringed gas giant, Ondor. From the instant they arrive, an uncomfortable and cold feeling passes over them. A sense that something has become twisted in the CHALCEDON SYSTEM


I’m with Gelvin from The WAVE, local pirate radio station, going to The Jolly Roger to get caf and pick his brain. Also I am going to bring back “a GOOD cup of caf” for the station receptionist.


Future projects:

Chalcedon has a Reaver infestation on-planet.
Chalcedon has slavery.

Current projects:
Dr. Bengala at the Port Nevermore Hospital is most likely local contact for a money laundering chain. He’s a Devaronian (sp?).

Commander Maeques and at least 1 other Crimson Knight came through here about a year ago. They stayed a short while, spent some time in the ruins to the south, then headed toward the Outer Rim.


As the evening gets darker, the sense of the Dark Side out in the desert gets stronger.

We are definitely getting dared.


Ferrin the Collector is the same species as Yoda, possibly a cousin? and has Illiana Turosin either working for him, or as part of his collection.

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