Star Wars: Shards

Episode 3.03 - Mystery at Thyferra, Part 5

Fight at the Factory

When last we left, an aircar crash and a fight at a bacta plant left our heroes into a dire situation!

Returning to the bacta factory, Vanya, Danar and Davish encounter the same squad of stormtroopers as did the others. At first, things seem reasonable, before talks break down and a firefight breaks out in the factory. Meanwhile, So’zen and Aerena track down Prix. But so has a bounty hunter team led by Aurra Sing! The hunters try to trap their prey in the bar, but a few tricks from So’zen, well placed shots from Aerena and some gear from Prix allow them to escape. Stealing an aircar, they join the others at the factory with the bounty hunters in tow!

A second firefight takes place, that forces the aircar into an emergency crash landing. Aurra Sing falls free and gets up. There is now other motion among the wreckage of the aircar. Could more of the bounty hunters have survived? If so, how?


The captain of “not the Waverider” is Jerrod Quantas.


The Crimson Nova – who might all be infested with the parasites – are being employed by a Darius Pender, who is on Calcedon.


In the end, the heroes managed to defeat Aurra Sing and remove the symbiotes from the Crimson Nova mercenaries … all while preventing the Spartan Imperium troopers – or themselves – from being infected either!

Now, following Jerrod Quantas and his bounty hunters aboard the ‘Razorback’, our heroes leave Thyferra. They jump to hyperspace heading for Calcedon for a meeting with the Collector … and hopefully rescue their missing companion … N8!

Banzai_Aether Banzai_Aether

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