Star Wars: Shards

Episode 2.06 - Six Shot's the Charm, Part 6

The Secrets of the Westlake

Star Wars – Shards of Infamy

Episode 2.06

Six Shot’s the Charm

Part VI

After striking a shaky alliance with the pirates of the DIAMONDBACK, our heroes raced into action. One group, backed by Captain Ada Pinnock and the crew of the Diamondback, confronted the Spartan Imperium light cruiser, IMPERIOUS. Meanwhile a second shuttle headed for long sought wreck of the WESTLAKE.

Any attempts to bargain or distract the Spartans failed and the battle exploded to life. Meanwhile, Rushlight – using every trick the shuttle ‘Vader’ had – managed to tow the Westlake away from its entrapment in the gravity well of the ruined moon.

In the end, the heroes won the day with their pirate allies. Defeating the Spartan Imperium ships – and causing the implosion of a Spartan interdictor cruiser – they turned their attention to repairs and the goal of destroying the Westlake.

But there is more to the Westlake than a dead ship with mysterious secrets. Speaking with the Wind, Rushlight determined there was life aboard. Five ARC troopers, considered lost since the fall of Kamino, lay in stasis deep inside the Westlake. But so does a gigantic swarm of hyper-intelligent mynocks. A swarm larger than has ever been recorded before.

Now, our heroes are set on rescuing the lost troopers before they destroy the Westlake and its treasure trove of mysterious secrets. Once they determine a way aboard and then past the mynock swarm!


Bodies in the broken bacta tanks – 1 had a uniform ranked Lt Cmdr and the other had a rank of Captain


Dr. Elias Ganges looks a lot like Dr. Jacques Lagrange. Dr. Elias Ganges was the project head for Whatever The Hell They Was Doing On Westlake. Dr. Jacques Lagrange was the Herglic-mucking-up jackass we had to have arrested on Fondor a while back.


Commander Becks talked ot us via text message through a DataPAD


The chips I picked up contain various versions of a genetic formula to BLAH the BLAHDIBLAH but Rushlight says it’s frightening. Supposedly it’s a way to “preserve life itself indefinitely” and it may work provided there is an ample source of a particular protein.

Meanwhile, the logs start long before the Clone Wars, and have references to the “Chancellor” authorizing these experiments. Later the Emperor is called “short-sighted” and he has a new benefactor that sees the promise of his work. This benefactor sent a sample that may advance the cause. This might be related to the brain worms of Geonosis.

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