Star Wars: Shards

Episode 2.05 - Between Rocks and a Hard Case

Never know what might be under a space rock ...


Star Wars – Shards of Infamy

Episode 2.05

Between Rocks and a Hard Case

With another cargo run to Dorella complete, its time for the return trip to Tallarn with a shipment of Quan-tech mining drill stabilizers, and a full load of pyralite crystal. Two things that the Shubin Mining Guild on Tallarn will be happy to see, and open their cred-sticks for.

The hyperspace jump has been anything but trivial. Ion storms in the outer rim of Dorella fouled the deflector grid. Mynocks chewing on plasma conduits to the backup hyperdrive almost took the ship off course. Arriving in the Sorella system to check navigation before continuing on the route for Tavya system, and then Tallarn, seemed a relief.

Then the ship’s sensors picked up the faint signal of a distress call from the asteroid belt in the outer planets. Local law in the Freeworlds region encourages reporting, if not answering, distress calls. But this one stands out more than normal. For Iwa, the distress call is coming from a ship named the “Redwood”. For Shree, Rushlight, and Dizzy, its from a ship called the “Banana Republic”.




You just never know what you’ll run into while out on a simple cargo run! ;)


It kills me how popular we’ve become in such a short time!!


And, in the end, while the crews of the Banana Republic and the Redwood did not become a lot richer ( That was how many TONS of pyralite and mexalite you watched float away and be vaporized, Rushlight? ;) ) … they stopped a thief trying to smuggle an ancient holocron to Rogga the Hutt!

Which … given the rocky history between the crew of the Banana Republic and Rogga … who can really be surprised?

Freeworlds Space Command did agree to foot the bill for the fuel costs, and did allow the crews to claim salvage on one turbo laser battery from the confiscated ship… once they had disabled its firing ability and plugged it. After all, they need to make sure its safe!

Banzai_Aether Banzai_Aether

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