Yag'dhul System

The Yag’Dhul system is a star system located within the Inner Rim that contained the planet Yag’Dhul. The system was connected to both the Rimma Trade Route, and the Corellian Trade Spine. It is the home system of the Givin species.

The natives of consider their local territory the Tau Dominion, which comprises the Yag’dhul system, and neighboring systems of Leib’ott, Kol’drey, and Eul’eon.

System Details

It is a system with only one star, and 6 planets, only two are habitable.

Planets and other system objects (listed in order from closest to star, to farthest)

El-Prime ( rocky, barren world. Mined for heavy minerals through drones )

Onis-Beta ( rocky, barren world. Mined for heavy minerals through drones )

Tol’mar (2 moons) is the 3rd planet from the primary, and was the first world colonized by the Givin when they began moving beyond their world.

Yag’dhul (3 moons) is the 4th planet from the primary and the homeworld of the Givin species.

Golden Mean Beta is the newly rebuild port and station around the world of Yag’dhul. The previous station was destroyed by the Galactic Empire during a failed rebellion attempt by the Givin.

Havis Sequence is an asteroid belt in the system.

Fil’cres is a ringed gas giant with fifteen moons.

Ron’gel is a gas giant, with dual rings fifteen degrees apart. It has seventeen moons.

Yag'dhul System

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