Time in the Tapani Sector

The Tapani Calendar

No matter what’s been under missile attack or who launched ‘em, the Tapani Calendar marches on. It’s very similar to the Galactic Standard calendar really, with different names for the months and liberal repurposing of the holiday periods.

Just don’t tell a Tapani native – even in the Freeworlds – that the original measure of a standard year is based in any way on Coruscant. Gasp!

The Day

As usual, each Tapani standard day consists of 24 hours, and each Tapani standard week consists of 5 days. A month has 7 weeks to it; adding up all ten months and the occasional holidays between months, we’ve still got 368 days in a year.

Interestingly, Tapani planetside folks (even the ones who never leave a given planet in their lives) are amazingly flexible in how they think about times and dates. Take Barnaba, for instance, headquarters of House Vorbarnaba: it takes 25 standard hours to make a local day and 352 standard days to complete a revolution around its primary. Anybody who’s learned to add can figure that they’re going to more likely have local time/date NOT match standard figures than otherwise, and I’ve heard locals more than once refer to a late night spent up “past twenty-five hundred” — for that matter, I’ve heard references in a single conversation to “yesterday” (meaning “before it most recently was night”) and “I should see Garrett early on the nineteenth” (meaning “just before sunset, day after tomorrow”).

For nonnatives, mental double-checking is always needed when the topic is time or date inside a planet’s atmosphere.

The Week

  1. Atunda
  2. Katunda
  3. Satunda
  4. Datunda
  5. Natunda

The Year

  • Month 1: Elona
  • Month 2: Kelona
  • Holiday 1: Tapani Day
  • Month 3: Selona
  • Festival Week 1: Expansion Week
  • Month 4: Telona
  • Month 5: Nelona
  • Holiday 2: Productivity Day
  • Month 6: Helona
  • Festival Week 2: Shelova Week
  • Month 7: Melona
  • Month 8: Yelona
  • Holiday 3: Harvest Day
  • Month 9: Relona (The Freeworlds Territory of the Tapani Sector also recognizes Relona 10 – 15 as Independence Week.)
  • Month 10: Welona
  • Festival Week 3: Winter Fete

Capital Season

Also critical to note: “”/wikis/capital-season" class=“wiki-page-link”> Capital Season" (never be heard by Serious Vor calling it “Ludicrous Season”) starts at the beginning of Expansion Week and lasts through the end of Shelova Week. That’s one hundred twenty days of “Oh my word, I cannot possibly wear that outfit, I already wore it once this season!”
A third of the year.

Time in the Tapani Sector

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