Tapani Naming

H2. Does Firstname Tell Me Anything? No. But yes. But no!

In a High Vor family (not sure about other families with inherited titles), the first two males have their names set by custom. First son is supposed to be {mother’s father’s first name} {father’s father’s first name} familylastname; the second son is supposed to be {mother’s father’s second name} {father’s father’s second name} familylastname. There’s almost never a “Junior” as seen out in the rest of the Galaxy, unless you run into a family that wangles a repeat in 3 or 4 generations … or the very occasional High Vor family that flouts tradition. Scandalous!

Technically, a Count(ess) or Baron(ess) can pick whomever they want to be their official Heir. Allegedly one Count many generations ago got so mad at all of his relatives, he named his horse. And got it approved by the Council of Counts, at least briefly. The Heir is often but certainly not always the firstborn child.

Also, certain households have been known to formally adopt a pre-adolescent orphan or two, to guarantee a more socially stable childhood for the Designated Heir.

So don’t ask directly, but do the research to find out who somebody is before trying to get their attention verbally!

Tapani Naming

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