Tallaan System

The Tallaan system is where the Shapani Bypass intersects with the Procopian Shipping Lane, and it used to be the in-Sector end of the Giju Passage. Its main habitable world, also called Tallaan, is actually a kind of nice place: plains, forest, lots of urban development but the heavy stuff is naturally offworld at the Tallaani Shipyards or various starport annexes in geosynchronous orbits.

The population is mostly human, Herglic, and Mrlssi.

Planetary government and system government are the same body, a Trade Commission that’s more than half Interstellar Traffic Control and for good reason.

They used to host the Imperial Sector Headquarters, which is probably why they did not get hit much during Palpatine’s “Long Night”: he thought they were cheerfully his. He has not figured out that they are cheerfully stubborn cusses who can outwait whatever they can’t convert into tradeable goods.

Tallaan System

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