Siskel Station

Floating in a wide orbit around a planetless, unnamed star in the Quence Sector. This point makes a convenient stopover point for ships travelling between sector capital Elshandrau Pica and the Albarrio Sector in general.

It has two restaurants, three bars, a Holonet substation, a short row of shops for tourists, and a “coffin hotel” all on the public level, and an underlayer of small businesses, offices, and homes for the support staff and a few corporate satellite offices.

Oh, and a small contingent of troops, who really only ever get exercise when backing up the Station Police. Poor guys spend too much time bored senseless.

Almost all necessaries have to be imported, which could get expensive, but the station is half-covered in solar sail arrays, and it makes a decent income collecting and storing cosmic energy of various sorts in fairly cheap batteries.

Siskel Station

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