Time Taken: One round to one day or longer.
Specializations: specific faith, sect, region group, or how a religion was known during a specific time frame/in a specific area

This skill is the branch of study of religions throughout the galaxy, concerned with the systematic comparison of the doctrines and ecclesiastic practices of organized faiths or spiritual belief systems. It includes but is not limited to the various orders of Force Practitioners who send representatives to the Council of Guardians in the Tapani Alliance, and non-Force using congregants (sometimes called “laypersons” or “parishioners”) of each religion as well. Religion allows a character to determine what the proper and respectful behaviors would be in a religiously significant place or during a religious observance, or determine key differences between one particular religion and other commonly-encountered religions of a superficially similar nature.

The more obscure the information or restricted the rite, the higher the difficulty. Information gleaned only from historical records is generally less nuanced than personal familiarity with a living practice.

Note: This is an Advanced Skill. It can not be defaulted. (If a player has never done any real-life reading on Buddhism, nor listened to a Buddhist practitioner discuss their faith, the player cannot describe Buddhist rites or doctrine accurately, nor compare Buddhism to Unitarianism.


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