Razak's Roughnecks

This special unit of clone troopers received advanced training, possibly from the Template himself. Members refer to each other as “Apes”, usage being affectionate or exasperated depending upon circumstance.

Among other duties, members of Roughnecks were most likely of all clone troopers to be detailed to protect Padawan Ysadora.

Current roster includes: Cpl. Goss, Pvt. Hicks, Pvt. Higgins, Sgt. Brutto, Cpl. Doc, Msgt. Rico, Msgt. Jenkins, and Pvt. Sparks, all led by Capt. Razak. Former members of note were Dono, who’s returned to his main squad (one of two squads trained by Yaeger Lexics as Drop Marines) and Hudson, who was killed by Palpatine’s “Final Solution” during the Twilight.

These are the leaders of the Beskar Aran.

Razak's Roughnecks

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