Polith System

The Polith system is a star system located within the Jasco Sector. Before contact with the Galactic Republic, the only known native life was the Vratix who had colonized many of the system’s worlds.

System Details

Polith is a single star system, with its primary being a yellow main sequence star. There are six planetary bodies in this system and one asteroid belt.

Planets and other system objects (listed in order from closest to star, to farthest)

Polixi (no moons) a small, barren and rocky world

Loxizhra (5 moons) a dry, desert world that is rumored to have some halud settlements or outposts.

Polith asteroid belt holds the position where the third planetary body would be in the system. It is known for asteroids with a higher than normal concentration of silicates, and hydrocarbons.

Thyferra (4 moons) a lush, jungle world, Thyferra is the homeworld of the Vratix. It also is the home to human, halud and other settlements.

Iqobal ( 54 moons ) is a gas giant with a large concentration of moons, some of which have methane and similar type of atmospheres.

Ferxani ( 33 moons ) is the second gas giant of the system. The strong magentic fields between the innermost moons and the giant can disrupt ship’s sensors. It is not unheard of for pirates to use this as a hiding place to stage raids on cargo ships.

Renas ( 3 moons ) is the outermost world of the system. It is an icy, frozen world with oceans of oxygen sludge.

Polith System

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