Pavia System

In the Cadriaan Province, Pavia is notable for two of its worlds. Originally, this system and its inhabitants made their trade in energy research and botany research. The entire Pavia system went silent during the Long Night. Since the LN, the system has been largely avoided due to the wandering drifts of starship wrecks, which really futz up transit. Many have complained to the Alliance of a general sense of unease and specifically of “CLEAN IT”; Pavia is on the list but other systems are in more critical need of fix first.

Pavia 3 is the main habitable world (forest) in the system. It’s known for having enormous trees and very wide oceans. The cities here were known to be a beautiful blend of high tech and the local flora. Oddly, this world was very desperately fought over by both Alliance and Galactic forces. During the Long Night, when the missiles came out of hyperspace, Pavia 3 was one of the planets heavily attacked: 2 billion inhabitants killed immediately.

Since the end of the Long Night, a colony has been founded on Pavia 3, of Mentats. They are seeking to rebuild P3 back into its former glory as a hub of research, enlightenment, and knowledge.

In addition, a research station orbits around Pavia 6, a brown dwarf gas giant. This station has been taken over by Nightsisters as a raiding base.

Originating adventure: Shards of Honor 40.0 “Enemy Squared”

Pavia System

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