Noghri (pronounced /‘no.gɹi/) were a primitive humanoid species. They had steely gray or blue skin, and were extremely skilled assassins due to their abilities in stealth and hand-to-hand combat. Despite their small size, they were efficient killing machines, with claws, fangs, and a sense of smell so acute, they could smell one’s bloodline. They were much like the Wookiee species culturally, in that they respected honor above all else. Noghri society was clan-based, revolving around the dukha, or community building, at the center of each village.

Biology & Appearance:

In form, this species appeared as steel-gray-skinned bipeds who were heavily muscled as well as sinewy and possessed great agility which was only enhanced by their faster-than-normal reflexes. Their bodies lacked any hair on their surface. While not tall, their small size belied their ruthless nature and effective skills. Ultimately, the Noghri were predators with teeth filled jaws, large quick moving eyes and excellent sense of smell. Their sense of smell, in fact, was so attuned that they were capable of telling a person’s bloodline by scent alone. A Noghri’s body was also a compact killing machine that was designed to hunt and destroy its prey.

Society & Culture:

While small in size, Noghri were notable for being fearsome warriors. They were extremely dedicated fierce fighters, and they never showed any moment where they demonstrated humor; even at their most relaxed state. Furthermore, they had a tendency to prefer the use of more primitive weaponry-such as knives-as well as unarmed combat. Their greatest strength, however, was their secrecy, as they were only ever off-world when called upon for a mission. In such times, an agent often accompanied the Noghri in order to provide them with adequate logistics and transportation in order to complete their mission in complete secrecy. Once deployed, a Noghri was single-minded in the completion of their task, which completely consumed them until their mission objective was accomplished.

As mentioned above, Noghri were notorious assassins. They also made outstanding bodyguards. In battle, they were exceptional in hand-to-hand combat. Their speech was very guttural and scratchy in nature, comparable to Dosh, the Trandoshan language. The smuggler Talon Karrde came up with the idea of hiring out individual Noghri as bodyguards.

They possessed a clan-based society that was made up of close-knit family groupings that had many different forms of customs and rituals. While they had all the social customs and rituals of a pre-space flight society, the Noghri been provided many forms of advanced technology and machinery due to their initial servitude to the Empire. Their clans were centered around Dukhas and were led by a Dynast. A clans dukha, or meeting place at the center of a village, where the Maitrakh usually resided. Dukha were considered somewhat sacred, belonging also to the ancestors of the clan. Individual Noghri were able to determine one of their kind’s clan by their clan-scent. When referencing an individual, it was by family and lineage. Each clan had a Maitrakh, or matriarch, the storyteller, leader, and lore keeper of the clan.

Noghri were also very loyal, as shown in examples where the Death Commandos and similar groups often willingly went to their deaths to fight against those they considered enemies. A conflict of loyalty was a major event in a Noghri’s life.

Trained in a wide variety of weapons, they generally carried little more than a few daggers; believing that their surroundings would provide them as needed. Their greatest pride were their fighting sickles, which were a mark of honor as well as excellent weapons that were well balanced for hand-to-hand combat. Noghri were renowned for the skill with which they threw them in battle.

Notable Noghri Clans:

  • Clan Bakh’tor
  • Clan Baikh’vair
  • Clan Eikh’mir
  • Clan Khim’bar
  • Clan Hakh’khar
  • Clan Tlakh’sar

Attribute Dice: 16D

Special Skills:

Brawling: martial arts Time to use: one round. This specialized form of brawling combat employs techniques that the Noghri are taught at an early age. Because of the deceptively fast nature of this combat, Noghri receive 2D to their skill when engaged in brawling with someone who doesn’t have brawling: martial arts, Also, when fighting someone without this skill, they also receive a +1D2 bonus to the damage they do in combat.

Special Abilities:

Claws: Noghri have powerful claws (add +1D to damage in brawling combat) and sharp teeth (add +2D to damage in brawling combat). Stealth: Noghri have such a natural ability to be stealthy that they receive a +2D when using their hide or sneak skills. Enhanced Senses: Because the Noghri have a combination of highly-specialized senses, they receive a +2D when using their search skill. Ignorance: Noghri are almost completely ignorant of galactic affairs. Noghri may not place any beginning skill dice in any Knowledge skills except for intimidation, survival or willpower.

Story Factors:

Strict Culture: The Noghri have a very strict tribal culture. Noghri who don’t heed the commands of their dynasts (tribal leaders) are severely punished or executed.

Move: 11/18
Size: 1.3 meters tall


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