Melantha Province

Melantha Province is the section of the Tapani Sector run by House Vormelantha. Shey Tapani, founder of the Tapani Imperium and Emperor Gregor’s great-grandfather, was a member of House Melantha.

(I’ve never asked who killed off Gregor’s and Katianna’s family and got them put in cryosleep for centuries. That’s a terribly personal question and I don’t have that kind of relationship with them.)

Anyway, during the decades of the New Order, House Vormelantha was very closely associated with the Empire. They had quite the awkward moment when the revived Imperial Prince and Princess were revealed on Tapani Independence Day. These are Melantha scions, after all, and very close to Shey in lineage. But on the other hand, these teenagers are demanding who this Galactic Core Worlds jackass is and where he gets off issuing any kind of edicts on Tapani Sector, and there’s half the Melantha Province shuffling in embarrassment. What do you say? “Well, Sire, we were positioned to take up some very lucrative shipping contracts, see….”

So of course, after six or so years of panicked mumbling, as Regent Vorkosigan stepped more and more out of Emperor Gregor’s way, Melantha Province let themselves get suckered in by Matres Merglin. She told them Gregor had been brainwashed away from Shey Tapani’s original vision, and they really wanted to believe that one.

Poor dipwits.

Now we have to start all over again, saving them as much face as we can, without letting them skip off thinking they got away with pissing Gregor off.

(I’m so glad I’m not a politician!)

Melantha Province

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