Native sentients on Tobiak.

Squid-like, with twelve tentacles of varying sizes. Many generations ago, they met a Jedi, and got along with him well enough to not stab the newest intruders right away. The noise of the durillium mining is making a mess of local ecology, however, which limits their patience – they’ve already been staging raids to slow or halt it. Nobody needs the Great Tooth swarming thisaway out of season.

Originating adventure: Shards of Honor 12.0 “Secrets of Tobias”

From the Encylcopedia Galactica

The Githiaskio are a race of sentient aquatic hunters, commonly referred to as “squids” by non-Githiaskio. The “squids” are an intelligent and very adaptive species, whose zero-G and underwater agility made them in high demand for industries related to those environments.

The Githiaskio are native to Tobiak, a primarily water world located in the Cor I System of the Barnaba Province.

Surprisingly, the early Tapani Imperium apparently was ignorant or uninformed of their existence, and they were not stumbled upon until Tapani joined the Galactic Republic.

The most peculiar aspect of this species is the surprising similarity of their psychology to humans. Human and Githiaskio mindsets are surprisingly similar, the result, sophontologists think, of parallels in their evolutionary history. They evolved from omnivorous scavenger-gatherers, moving across the ocean in small family groups that strongly resembled hominid family groups on other worlds.

Initially due to key metals being in short supply, the Githiaskio did not actually achieve hyperspace travel until contact was made with the Galactic Republic. However, their non-hyperspace technology is no less impressive, given the species amazing advances in medicine, language translation and other technologies. Among their most spectacular technology included semi-submerged “sailing ships” with streamlined rigging sticking above the water surface, and the hull and living quarters below the surface.


The Githiaskio are radially symmetrical, bisexual and semi-homoeothermic. They have 1.8 to 2.4 meter long tapering bodies, that are about 45 to 50 centimeters in diameter. They possess twelve suckered tentacles which are used for manipulation, restraining and feeding. They possess two large compound eyes, but vision is optimized for the aquatic environment, and they are insensitive to reds and yellows. Primary sense is sound, and their hearing is almost as good as a Dolphin’s underwater. Githiaskio females bear a single live young. Lifespans are about roughly equivalent to a humans and near-humans.

Locomotion is provided by movement of the tentacles; unlike mollusks, they do not possess the ability to jet water. Also unlike mollusks, they possess an internal skeleton made of strong connective tissue almost equivalent in toughness to vertebrate skeletons. They are poor long distance swimmers, and prefer to swim tentacles forward. They can tolerate depths of up to 700 meters under 1G, but are less well adapted greater depths. They are oxygen breathers, but can only respire in water on worlds with a thin atmosphere or better. They can withstand variable salinities, but they are highly sensitive to water tainted by pollution or local atmospheric conditions, and will refuse to enter any body of water so contaminated. A Githiaskio stranded out of water will die of dehydration within twelve to twenty four standard galactic hours.

Due to this reliance on water, Githiaskio with a bent for exploration have done so via the use of specially designed, flexible suits with repulsorlift technology. This allows them to “swim” through air – after some practice – and so allows the particular Githiaskio the chance to travel away from their homeworld.

Currently, it is rare to see a Githiaskio off world, but the explorer nature of their people indicates they may become a more common sight across their native sector of Tapani.

Attribute Dice: 12D

Special Abilities:
Aquatic Survival: At the time of character creation only, characters may place 1D of skill dice in survival (S)aquatic and receive 2D in that skill.

Spatial Awareness: Due to their native underwater environment, Githiaskio – at the time of character creation only – may place 1D of skill dice in Space Transports and Starfighter piloting and receive 2D in that skill.

Aquatic: Githiaskio can breathe both air and water and can withstand extreme pressures found in ocean depths.

Dry Environments: When in dry environments, Githiaskio can still breathe in oxygen and communicate, however they must keep moist otherwise they will die of dehydration. The most a Githiaskio has survived without any contact with water was twenty four standard galactic hours.


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