Giju Passage

The Giju Run was the little connecting bit that went from Giju on the Rimma Trade Route and into Tapani Sector, intersecting at Tallaan System on the Shapani Bypass.

Then ol’ Pruneface had the Mentats write him a set of hyperspace navigation programs, loaded it into about five hundred hyperspace-loaded missiles, and bombed the hell out of all navigation buoys everywhere (plus, with the leftovers, a few planets and shipyards he found particularly annoying. He called that “the Final Solution”. He was pretty proud of himself.

Simultaneously, the entire Mentat population loaded their program into about twenty fully automated hyperspace scouts, loaded to the gills with nukes, and sent those to either disable the engines of the Death Star, or destroy the Giju Passage utterly. They called that “the Final Solution”. It probably would have worked out as anticipated if they had known that Palpatine was on the Death Star at the moment. Instead of being locked out of the Tapani Sector, he was locked in Mentis System with them.

Next time a Mentat is making you feel dumber than a Glymph Pie, remind yourself that they locked Palpatine in orbit around their home planet. Accidentally. Because the math was so pretty that they didn’t look around before hitting “go”.

Giju Passage

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