Fondor System

This one is actually complex: the important planet, also named Fondor, is home to the purple-blooded near-human Fondorians. I would like for someone to explain to me the difference between Fondorians and Mentats, other than “Mentats come from Mentis, and are often human”. Meanwhile there’s also Nellastia to think about (Fondor’s moon, terraformed), and Thanut, which is either another Fondorian moon or a massive outer planet that screws up hyperspace jumps. I don’t know which and I have never had to go look for myself.

Oh. Almost forgot to input: Fondor is a Restricted System. Stay the fedding out!

System Details

The Fondor System is in the Freeworlds Territory of the Tapani Sector.

Planets and other system objects


Fondor Belt I (asteroids)

Fondor Belt II (asteroids)

Fondor ( Moons: Nallastia and 5 other moons; Fondor Shipyards )

Fondor Belt III (asteroids)

Mzeh ( Moons: 11 moons )

Fondor Belt IV (asteroids)

Fondor System

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