Death Star

starport city with a big gun and bigger hyperdrive

It’s big, it’s roughly spherical, and it’s hyperspace-capable. Apparently houses the equivalent of a regional capital city within its surface. If I gather correctly, Danar wanted to kill everybody aboard and claim it for the Tapani Imperium, while Lod and Yeager just wanted – STILL just want – to take it for a joyride.

UPDATE: Gregor turned it into a water-based arcology named the Dawn Star. So, uh, there’s that. I dunno what its current defensive complement may be. Too busy lately to go look. Maybe Danar knows?

Originating adventure: Shards of Honor 17.0 “Dark Clouds Rising”

Current location: Either orbiting Mentis again, or somewhere on the Procopian Shipping Lane, not sure which system.

Dragomir: What’s wrong with “Death Star”? We Tapani are not a squeamish people.
Sir Tam and two Jedi Masters: point at Vanya and step back
Lady Ventress: When are you going to learn to not trigger this? I’m going to go get drink refills.
Vanya: fifteen minute rant on Mentats and their “pretty math” blinders and how well that worked out LAST TIME and let’s NOT encourage them in this particular direction, huh?
Lord Solicitor Molari: So! Abbess. Tell me more about this Holy Meditation By Way of the Sword….
Everyone: leaves Dragomir to get ranted at, goes for drink refills

Death Star

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