Danju System

With a civilian planet and starport, a pirate-run shadow port named Port Bianca, and the fringes of a nebula, this sector has entirely too much going on at once for any one faction to corral.

Holopedia Galactica entry: “Danju System”:
The Danju system is a star system that actually resides just outside the Tapani Sector in what is known as Herglic Space. Only one known habitable planet exists in the system, the world of Lammax. The system is accessible through a single hyperspace route from the Tamber system. One of the more notable astrophysical sites there is the Geric Nebula, named for the explorer Miran Geric, which is quite well known for its voracious magnetic-ion storms that have been the undoing of many unwary ship captains.

Han says:
Sithspawn! What a place! If the nebula doesn’t get you, the local law, or some pirates on raid might. I love it personally, makes for a quiet get away. Don’t miss the beer, they’ve got some local brew-masters that put some of that high quality prune juice from Coruscant, Naboo, Alderberran or Procopia to shame. Did you know that old scoundrel of a pirate, Lamuu Bianco, was said to have setup a shadowport on Lammax called Port Bianco? It’s what I’ve heard anyway… you know … read a few articles … purely academic research… really. What are you looking at?

Originating adventure: 39.0 “Rebel Yell”

Danju System

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