Crimson Knight

An order of Force aware warriors, trained in a modified discipline of Battle Mastery. They were originally founded in the time following the Great Jedi Purge. Originally, this order was formed to care for the sick, the infirm and the wounded. Especially those brought to this state as a result of the Great Jedi Purge though countless “witch hunts” to track down “errant Jedi”. At times, this resulted in harm to many innocents, some of whom were not even Jedi or Force aware.

This order quickly moved towards maintaining balance and order in addition to tending the sick, infirm and wounded. Helping urge others to enlightenment by trying to work within an established system for the betterment of all. However, this did not mean they were above destroying a system only to turn around and rebuild a better, more just system in its place for the greater good.

Soon, their exploits came under the scrutiny of Palpatine. For reasons unknown, instead of destroying this knight order outright, he managed an uneasy alliance with them. They would assist the Empire, provided they accomplish certain tasks to assist with the greater good of all. In return, he would allow them a location, grant them a so-called “Knight Temple” or “Knight’s Hall” where they could gather, train and continue their work … on Coruscant. Seeing this as a chance to work within the system, then Knight Commander Katya Tomanev hesitantly agreed.

Knight’s Creed

A knight seeks balance between power and weakness, there lies stability.

A knight seeks peace through both loss and gain.

A knight defends knowledge against ignorance by right of the Force

A knight serves the Force, and those ruling as guided by the Force

Crimson Knight

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