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Coruscant, originally called Notron, is also known as the “Queen of the Core Worlds” – as it was located in the Galactic Core – or “Imperial Center”. In general, many historians agree that Coruscant is one of the most politically important worlds of the galaxy. At various times, is has been the capital of the Galactic Republic, later the Galactic Empire and is considered the original homeworld of Humans.

Over the centuries, the planet developed from a forested world into ecumenopolis, with a total of 5,127 levels of city build up from the crust by the time of the Clone Wars era. The actual planet-wide city is named “Galactic City”.

Among the skyscrapers of the outermost city level, numerous sites can be found such as the Republic Senate building, the former Jedi Temple that was destroyed near the end of the Clone Wars, even the last remaining original landmass untouched by the sprawling planet-wide city, the Manarai mountains.


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