Chalcedon system

The Chalcedon system is a star system located within Tashtor sector. While the system does have a certain amount of inhabitants, there is no native life to the Chalcedon system or its worlds. The system is a part of the Great Gran Run trade route.

System Details

It is a binary star system. The main star is a yellow main sequence star, while its companion is a red dwarf. The planetary system primarily orbits the main yellow primary, however two gas giants have an elliptical, infinity-shaped orbit allowing each given gas giant to change which star it orbits during the middle of its yearly cycle. The inner planets do not have such an erratic orbit.

Planets and other system objects (listed in order from closest to star, to farthest)

Ebel (no moons) is a small rocky world, barren and volcanic. Periodically solar flares from the primary cause a magnetic flare to pass between the world and the star.

Tep (1 moon) is half the size of Chalcedon, and while it has an atmosphere, is a rocky world noted for extravagant natural gemstone formations. These stones are not mined, as they are fragile and tend not to survive the mining process. However, the crystals are highly prized for weapons manufacturing.

Chalcedon (2 moons) is the 3th planet from the primary. It is a rocky world with a thin atmosphere, known as one of the main hubs for slavery in the galaxy. Large ruins dot the planet from a civilization rumored to predate the Old Republic by 10,000 years.

Ondor is a ringed gas giant with twenty moons.

Monorik is a gas giant, twice as large as Ondor. It has seventeen moons, and a cluster of asteroids known as Spacer’s Tears. The asteroids are unusually close together, but attract prospectors and miners looking for untapped veins of minerals.

Chalcedon system

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