Bene Gesserit

The religion itself is sometimes called “Orange Catholic”. These ladies are the clergy or especially devoted followers of it.

I’m having a tough time getting solid facts on this one.

They’re pretty focused on family lines, or maybe genetics. They don’t seem to like droids. They practice some sort of martial art, possibly as a meditation technique, possibly just as a way to keep fit. They have a rule about always telling the truth. There’s some sort of grudge against the Mentats; at least, more often than not a Mentat gets the suspicious eyebrow-lift when he gets rambling.

All of the above might apply to the entire religion, as far as I can figure out so far. As for the specific traits of this religious order: I haven’t seen any men with vocations, so maybe they’re kept sequestered. Bene Gesserits actively interact with the Force sometimes — usually with some vocalization involved. They know about the Reavers and are entirely willing to perform a “cleansing” when the disease pops up.

Almost every single one of ‘em mysteriously disappeared just hours before Pruneface’s “Final Solution”. Other than the one very sweetly uncommunicative adviser to Emperor Gregor, they did not seem to have officially come back, either, for quite a while after civilization was re-established. (Unofficially, the first group of Bene Gesserit who did come back have power armor and Yeager calls them “the Sisters of Battle”. I think he might be in lust.)

Records indicate that the name of the order’s founding planet is “Geidi Prime”, but the exact hyperspace route to reach this planet — and any stellar maps showing its location, for that matter — vanished sometime during the Twilight. Rumors suggest that a few illicit maps might still exist on the black market, but no one with official ties of any sort has ever managed to find one.


Once the hyperspace buoys in the Tapani Sector were re-activated, the route to Geidi Prime was rediscovered. Up to date sector hyperspace lanes have the jump to Gedi Prime being off the Procopia System.

Oh, and Dragomir was restored as Count Vorharkonnen, the head of government for Geidi Prime. You can just imagine how the Bene Gesserits felt about that!

Bene Gesserit

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