A History Divided

In our story, the Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn does indeed fall to Darth Maul’s staff, but does not perish from the wound. Once Darth Maul is dispatched by Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon places himself in a deep hibernation trace that keeps him safe for the short time Obi Wan needed to get medical help. Once healed, Qui-Gon later accepts Anakin as his padawan learner over the strong objections of the council. As Qui-Gon may not have two padawan learners, Obi Wan is tested, his faith in the Force challenged. Obi Wan succeeds in the test and is made a full Jedi Knight.

Brash and headstrong, Anakin is a handful for Qui-Gon, but the Jedi Master’s years of experience at dealing with another brash young man, namely one Obi-Wan Kenobi, serves him well. Qui-Gon fuels Anakin’s rebellious spirit but braces it with a strong grounding in the Jedi ways. Namely, to listen to the Force.

Years pass, Anakin learns quickly, giving further proof of Qui-Gon’s declaration of young Skywalker being the “Chosen One”. Such statements prove a heavy burden for the young man to bear, especially during the onset of Clone Wars. For when Obi Wan is sent to Geonosis by the Jedi Coucil, it is Qui-Gon that goes to assist, leaving Anakin guarding Padme Amidala and unaware of Obi-Wan’s plight.

Thinking Tatooine would be a safe place to hide, Anakin takes Padme there to stay with his step-brother’s family, Lars. All would have been well but Anakin’s mother, Shmi, had been taken by Sandpeople before Anakin’s arrival. Headstrong as ever, Anakin raced off in search of her, despite all protest from Padme and Lars.

Anakin’s search leads him to a remote village in the Jundland Desert. There he finds his mother, only to have her die in his arms. Enraged, he screams and draws his saber on the unprepared sandpeople…

Meanwhile across the galaxy, Qui-Gon indeed finds Obi-Wan but finds himself in a trap planned for him by his former master, Count Dooku. Dooku implores Qui-Gon to see his side, understand the corruption of the Republic and the rightness of his cause to lead systems away to a new freedom. With the Force as his guide, Qui-Gon refuses Dooku. Sadly Dooku draws his sabers intent on dueling his former padawan. Just then, Qui-Gon is distracted by Anakin’s wash of murderous rage as it ripples through the Force. Dooku defeats Qui-Gon, but in a moment of mercy spares his life. Instead, he imprisons Qui-Gon with Obi-Wan, intent on using them both as bait for the next step in his master’s dark plans.

Back on Tatooine, Anakin returns to Lar’s homestead with his mother’s body. He is strangely quiet about her rescue, though the Owens do suspect what Anakin had to do to recover Shmi’s body. Padme, worried for Anakin, does not completely grasp yet what Anakin has done. Shmi is laid to rest, and Anakin tries to mourn only to finally hear the distress call from Obi-Wan. Distraught over the thought of losing Qui-Gon also, he tries to leave on his own for Geonosis, but discovers Padme is determined to not leave Anakin to face whatever is on Geonosis alone. Together they journey there and infiltrate the Separatist’s factory. While the attempt is noble, it is also foolhardy. They are both caught.

After a long night of imprisonment, the three Jedi and Padme are taken in chains to the arena. Where, under the watchful eyes of the Mandalorian Jango Fett, Count Dooku and the separatist leader Nute Gunray, they are sentenced to death by wild animals. Not being ones to willingly take such a decision lightly, the four battle their way free of their chains as a large force of Jedi, led by the legendary Mace Windu emerge to attack Count Dooku and his allies. The battle in the arena rages. Just as it turns in favor of the Jedi, the Separatist’s droid army emerge from deeper within the arena and surround its occupants; many of the Jedi fall to blaster fire.

Finally, as the dust settles and the droids surround the few survivors, the sound of Republic gunships fill the sky. Master Yoda, sensing the despair and rage in Anakin rip open, rushed from the Jedi Temple to Kamino to recover the only tool he felt he had at his disposal that would help at Geonosis… the newly formed Clone Army. Despite his misgivings of the use of clones, Master Yoda led them with what few Jedi he could rally to Geonosis and rescued the weary survivors.

Under the ancient Jedi Master’s direction, the Clones routed the droids, taking the battle for the Republic. Unfortunately, this included the escape of Count Dooku and the secret plans for an immense technological terror commissioned by Darth Sidious from the Techno-Union Guild.

A History Divided

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