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  • MacBain Mercenary Company

    A mercenary company that is literally a privatized army. They are headed and run by [[:julian-macbain | Julian MacBain]] from [[Corellia]]. They have offices in most major hubs, such as [[Coruscant]], [[Corellia]], [[Tallaan]], [[Thyferra]] and so on. …

  • Steelton

    Steelton is a company with offices and manufacturing facilities in the [[Corporate Sector]], [[Tapani Sector | Tapani Sector]], and other locations. It is known for producing strong control cables, such as are used to connect a Podracer cockpit to the …

  • TransLink Couriers

    TransLink Couriers specialize in fast, efficient couriers for secure tech or medical transport. Their ships are equipped with the fastest hyperdrive that civilian use allows. Their pilots are combat trained and often are former mercenaries. They …

  • Pell Purification Systems

    Pell Purification Systems specializes in water and other purification systems for industrial and farming use. Their systems have been found as far out as Tattooine in the Outer Rim.

  • Lanalor Couriers

    Lanalor Couriers are based out of the Bestine system but work along the [[Kinyen system | Kinyen]], Harrin, Mechis system route. It is still run by its founder, Dorgen Lanalor.

  • Gowix Computers

    Gowix Computers is a computer-manufacturing company headquartered on the planet Corulag. Founded 300 years on Corellia before the Death of Emperor Palpatine, it was acquired as a subsidiary of the Tagge Company in the years right before the Clone Wars. …

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