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  • Bel'ibin

    Stationed at [[Chandra Station | Chandra Station]] and long since out of touch with the greater galaxy, she nearly cries when a [[:danar-vorpadaran | Vor lord]] claiming to be one of the new investors packs her and her crew up for a debriefing and an all- …

  • Ganzareg Tinar

    From his species' warrior caste, he flew a modified Y-Wing reconnaissance shuttle that crashed on a Vorbarnabas jungle world behind Imperial lines. Originating adventure: Shards of Honor 19.0 "Mission of Mercy"

  • Groma

    Master of the [[Jedi Order | Jedi]] Temple on Asanti during the time of the Sith War; he dispatched [[:errol-vondromas | Sith Lord Vondromas]] with the latter's own lightsaber. Vondromas' death throes sank the place into the ground, killing most of the …

  • Maximillian Maligig

    Twi'lek warrior turned merchant Trader. He discovered a previously unknown sentient race on Starmist in the Sundown system. They worship something metallic in their village center, but strange doings have lately been afoot - inspiring Max to contact the …

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