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  • Glymph Pie

    From VN Ysadora’s datapad … _Some sort of meat pie, its ingredients are gathered from poisonous caterpillars and/or snake things, hallucinogenic mushrooms, and banthaweed._ Glymph Pie is a dish native to the [[Glymphids]] of [[Ploo II]]. [[ …

  • bantha weed

    Bantha weed is brown with a sort of fur. Nobody knows where it's originally from; it's like crab grass. It's a primary ingredient for [[Glymph Pie | glymph pie]]. Originating adventure: Shards of Honor 40.0 "Enemy Squared"

  • Pavia System

    In the [[Cadriaan Province | Cadriaan Province]], Pavia is notable for two of its worlds. Originally, this system and its inhabitants made their trade in energy research and botany research. The entire Pavia system went silent during the Long Night. Since …

  • Bel'tana

    Her captain died when the raiding ship crashed yesterday, with the Giant Metal Egg o' Doom aboard, into the surface of [[Pavia System | Pavia 3]]. Now she's joined a group of [[Mentat]] refugees in a last-ditch attempt to survive the nightly attacks of [[ …

  • Bruck Flautis

    He was the navigator aboard the [[Krayt Runner | _Krayt Runner_]], serving under Captain [[:barnabas-colby | Barnabas Colby]]. Didn't work out so great. We eventually found his twitching person in a bacta tank on [[Bethal System | Bethal 4]], being …

  • Darth Caliper

    White-haired cyber-DRIDER, now dead; his spirit tried to drain into a nearby Sith Holocron but instead got absorbed into a chunk of obsidian, which has since formed a Darth Tool-shaped statue. He must've been in some sort of stasis for an _awfully_ long …

  • Ephin Miskin

    Human crewman aboard the [[Krayt Runner | _Krayt Runner_]]; served as ship gunner under [[:barnabas-colby | Captain Colby]], which didn't work out too great last I'd heard. Originating adventure: Shards of Honor 40.0 "Enemy Squared"

  • Korval

    Likely a leader on the [[Pavia System | Pavia 3]] colony even before the [[Reavers | Reavers]] attacked, he's frontman for the defense group holed up in a repurposed Galactic Imperial base.

  • Merglin

    She tried to take over our memories, and the whole Tapani Sector while she was at it. Eventually [[:eleni-benacor | Eleni Benacor]] went to put a stop to her. After a long fight, [[:eleni-benacor | Eleni Benacor]] killed the would-be Empress of the …

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