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  • Blood Wind Raiders

    Not the best of them and not the worst of them; generally they operate as petty thieves, occasionally kidnap or assassinate someone for pay, but generally not as bloodthirsty as the [[Black Hats | Black Hats]]. They're mostly known for attacking and …

  • deurinium

    apparently resistant to Force stuff Lump it in with the general category of "Unobtainium" whenever the science guys get jabbering real fast. Originating adventure: Shards of Honor 30.0 "Thief of Dreams"

  • ultrachrome

    Found in the soil on [[Bethal System | Bethal 4]], especially in and around the crater where the city of Meten used to be. Sparks says it screws with Force abilities. The original source has to be somewhere else entirely, and I for one would like to …

  • Valera's Pride

    It looks like a merchant ship but it's really an Imperial Carrier. At least, that's the scoop from ImpSec. At one point the Galactics were using this cover to try to smuggle [[:angelo-d-arcy | Secret Prisoner Angelo D'arcy]] someplace where he could no …

  • Boza

    head of the [[Blood Wind Raiders | Blood Wind Raiders]], he's set himself up in a {fingermark}castle{/fingermark} a few klicks from Meten on [[Bethal System | Bethal 4]], and is charging the locals taxes in return for having his pirate crew provide …

  • Doctor Droid

    This thing was supposedly in charge of the "research" that wiped people's memories and created the panther-monster-thingies on [[Bethal System | Bethal]]. Originating adventure: Shards of Honor 30.0 "Thief of Dreams"

  • Sparks

    He's gone Tinker. His favorite part of the advanced training to join the [[Razak's Roughnecks | Roughnecks]] was apparently the "nine hundred new uses for grenades" part. He's a little less comfortable about joshing with [[:vn-ysadora | Vanya]] and [[: …

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