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  • Wookiee's

    Sports restaurant in Oakhurst on Asanti, in the Kipel's Star System, in the ?? Province. They serve a _highly illegal_ drink made with Spice. It glows blue. DO NOT recommend anyone drink it! Decent stir-fry, bouncy waitresses. (( Asanti was the heavy …

  • Balka

    Leader of Rodian hunting party devastated by Trandosian slavers. His pet kreyt dragon, Niichka, was also stolen by the Trandosians, and Balka is willing to cut deals with anyone who helps him get Niichka back safely. Originating adventure: Shards of …

  • Groma

    Master of the [[Jedi Order | Jedi]] Temple on Asanti during the time of the Sith War; he dispatched [[:errol-vondromas | Sith Lord Vondromas]] with the latter's own lightsaber. Vondromas' death throes sank the place into the ground, killing most of the …

  • Toresh

    Member of Rodian hunting party, devastated on [[Asanti]] by Trandosian slavers. Toresh met with [[:vn-ysadora | Vanya]] and [[:danar-vorpadaran | Danar]], then led the party to meet with [[:balka | Balka]].

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