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  • Gregor's Pride

    Once upon a time she was an ISD; then [[Tapani Sector | Tapani Sector]] declared independence, and she got a new name to go with the refit. Then she scared the bejebus out of a Galactic SSD, along with Home One. Originating mention: Shards of Honor 4.0 …

  • Ackbar

    Heck if I know. The Rebs act like there's a big deal here, but I'm not cleared for any of it. Originating adventure: Shards of Honor 4.0 "Mission to Epsilon Twelve"

  • Simon Illyan

    Average height, brown eyes, sandy brown hair, simple uniform or plain, dull clothes. Common belief has it that this man knows almost everything that happens in the Tapani Sector, and will soon find out anything he previously missed. Aura of power. He …

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