Star Wars: Shards

Episode 2.03 - Who Stole First
Just a plain and simple cargo run ...

Star Wars – Shards of Infamy

Episode 2.03

Who Stole First

Brush fires stir in the former boundaries of the CONFEDERACY as ALLIANCE troops begin the long work towards reunification. In a far-thinking, but unpopular, stance the young Emperor Gregor announces an offer of amnesty to CONFEDERACY troops in the Council of Counts. His reason? War has separated families long enough, now is a time of healing, not placing blame.

Elsewhere in the galaxy, whispers of a mystery are heard. On CORUSCANT, the headquarters of the CRIMSON KNIGHTS stands open and empty. Rumors say there was signs of a conflict. But no weapons remain, nor is there any sign of victims, or attackers.

Meanwhile in the coreward section of the Tapani Freeworlds life continues. The crew of the Banana Republic enjoy an uneventful cargo run to Tamber to deliver water purification plant parts. Then after picking up more cargo and a mentat passenger, begin the quiet trip back to Tallarn. All the while a covert Deep Space Probe Droid transmits a recognition code and image of the Banana Republic to its owners …

Episode 2.02 - First Come, First Served
Making Friends in Low Places

Star Wars – Shards of Infamy

Episode 2.02

First Come, First Served

Reconstruction and rebuilding are the order of the day across the Tapani sector, even in the galaxy as a whole. Young Emperor Gregor turns his focus on healing the wounds of the Tapani Imperium. The Alliance Senate, following the direction of Senator Padme Skywalker, turn their attention towards conflicts in the greater galaxy.

In the Galactic Empire, Empress Jenna begins the long process of reformation. Change never comes easy, and not all noble houses embrace the change. Some are willing, some resist and some require a stern lecture from the Empress’ consort, Yeager Lexis.

On Tallarn, the crew of the Banana Republic bring the lost freighter, the Bedazzled Apple, into high orbit. There they leave it in the hands of the Seven Suns Shipping tug crews. At Mantis station on Tallarn, Bi-Tai Iltrek is waiting. The herglic greets the crew with credits, a warm welcome, and a job once they’ve had time to rest from their trip. Just a nice, quiet salvage operation in the Letev system.

Episode 2.01 - Dismal Luck
Uncover ... discover?

Star Wars – Shards of Infamy

Episode 2.01

Dismal Luck

It has been six months since the fall of the CONFEDERACY. Wounds have begun to heal, and the flame of war slowly grows cold.

During that time, changes unfold across the Tapani sector and the greater galaxy as a whole. The Empress Katianna abdicates in favor of her brother, Gregor, who has recovered from being poisoned. Regent Aral Vorkosigan retires from his position as regent, and is replaced by Lord Admiral Angelo D’Arcy. In the greater galaxy, Sister-Captain Jenna Martovich becomes Empress Jenna I of the Galactic Empire. She settles on Coruscant with her consort, Yeager Lexis and his daughter Elhonna. Positive changes begin to emerge in the Empire.

Meanwhile, on Fondor, life returns to normal. A band of four mercenaries returned to a summons over a recently released blockade runner from police impound. To their surprise, they find they are quickly awarded a search and rescue contract by Seven Suns Shipping to recover the cargo from a ruined freighter, the Bedazzled Apple, in the Lynx system before a rival company does …

Episode 54 - Shadows of an Empire, Act 6


Star Wars – Shards of Honor

Episode 54

Shadows Of An Empire, Act 6 : Checkmate!

“In chess, opportunity strikes but once, Admiral D’Arcy. As in life, Simon, that is why the future belongs to he who has the bishops … and his own brand of luck.”

On approach to Procopia, the capital world of the Tapani Imperium …

After the discovery of the mysterious virus hidden in the administration systems of the Galactic Empire, and the increasingly erratic actions of Empress Katianna, our heroes decide to take the initiative. Arriving at Procopia, they resolve to speak with Katianna while also recovering Doctor Simon Tam and what few of the Beskar Aran that remain in the palace. To follow through with this plan, it would take a dual approach. One group to meet with Katianna, another to meet with Jenna Vormecetti, Dr. Tam and the Beskar Aran. However, a dark plan long in the making comes to fruition. One that could unravel the heroes’ plans, and bring about their ultimate end.

Meanwhile …

This is Hamilton Carter of Holonet News reporting … bringing you the REAL and accurate news of the galaxy …

Holonet Breaking News! Sources reveal that Empress Merglyn has been assassinated in her own throne room! While the identity of the assassin has not been discovered, some eye witnesses describe what may have been a star freighter pilot visiting the Empress shortly before the body was found. Needless to say, the Confederacy is in disarray. Without the direct control of Empress Merglyn, Confederacy forces are surrendering across the sector!

However, the lone pilot remains a mystery that has yet to be solved. If it can be solved.

In other news, in the wake of the confession of guilt by the head of House Vorpadaran, new holo-vids have surfaced of High Lord Vormecetti. In those videos, he is seen to plot with conspirators over ‘preparations concerning the throne’. While its unclear specifically what he meant, it is enough that he – and his conspirators in House Vorbarnabas, House Vorcalipsa, and House Vorkalloner will be charged with treason. Following this, word has come out of the palace suspending the activities of the Council of Counts … more on this in a moment.

Episode 54 - Shadows of an Empire, Act 5
Heir To Rebellion


On the forested moon of Torak Fell

With the heroes back at the main estate house, House Vorboccioni security quickly surveyed the mysterious underground “site”. Ground sensors accurately identified a fully intact, Marauder class, corvette! Leaving Kayla to oversee the restoration of House security, Ursula prepared to begin the excavation of the Marauder, indicating to Count Vorboccioni, “It’s perfect. Especially with how cutthroat the shipping business is …”

This leaves our heroes to regroup, find a way to transport the rescued Jedi Master Kryn Toth back to Allandor for treatment and recovery, and unravel the mystery around the crimes against Danar, Yeager and rise of Empress Katianna.

Meanwhile …

This is Morris Van Turpin Of Pan-Galactic News … the news you can count on!

In a breaking story … word has come from the Alliance fleet in the Shindra system. A contingent of Beskar Aran and Adeptas Soriatas sent to the new Alliance flagship to assist in security were summarily disarmed and discharged back to Procopia by Admiral D’Arcy himself. Of the contingent, only Sister Lieutenant Jenna Martovich and Captain Razak were allowed to remain as “civilian observers” that were under the supervision of Imperial Auditor Miles Vorkosigan.

Quoting Admiral D’Arcy: “The situation in Shindra is dangerously fluid. I have great respect for the Beskar Aran and the Sisters of Battle, they are not authorized Alliance military, during this time of crisis. For their safety, only one member of each will remain as an observer under the authority of Auditor Miles Vorkosigan.”

In other news, the requested Mentat Auditor has been dispatched from Mentis. He is being brought directly to Procopia at best possible speed. Also on Procopia, Dr. Simon Tam is now sequestered on the Royal premises. The reason given is so that he may better see to the Emperor’s direct care.

More in a moment as we return to the groundbreaking revelation that the head of House Vorpadaran may have confessed to violating the infamous and lethal Vorloupulous’s Law.

Episode 54 - Shadows of an Empire, Act 4
Bishop to Queen Four


Star Wars – Shards of Honor

Episode 54

Shadows Of An Empire, Act 4 : Bishop to Queen Four

This is Morris Van Turpin Of Pan-Galactic News

Speculation surrounds the events on Procopia. While it was clear the assault on young Emperor Gregor was motivated by a lone deranged being, many wonder if it was for a deeper motive since the ‘lone being’ was a mentat. Highly trained, highly disciplined, Mentats are the very picture of stability. Did something happen to this one that broke his conditioning? Or does the fault lie in the Mentat system as a whole? More on that during our investigative segment “Mentat or Maladjusted” later on.

This just in … in an unusual move the Imperium crown has requested the assistance of the combat arm of the Bene Gesserits, the Adeptus Sorotus or “Battle Sisters”. Currently, they are being deployed alongside the Beskar Aran around the capital in case of retaliation over the seizure of Vormecetti and Vorpadaran assets. Meanwhile there has been no reports from the main holdings of either House where forces have been deployed to serve the arrest warrants.

In other news, investigation into the poisoning of Emperor Gregor has prompted his sister, Empress Katiana, to request a specially trained mentat from Mentis to assist her and the Solicitors. This mentat’s name is unknown at this time, but is said to be the equivalent of an Imperial Auditor with regards to Mentats. A Mentat Inquisitor if you will. More on this as it develops.

Episode 54 - Shadows of an Empire, Act 3
Vor Errant


Star Wars – Shards of Honor

Episode 54

Shadows Of An Empire, Act 3 : Vor Errant

This is Hamilton Carter of Holonet News reporting …

Many speculate on what the motives were for the now deceased mentat turned assassin. Political? Personal gain? What do we really know about the mentat advisers. Advisors so prevalent throughout the Vor houses, both great and small?

As this reporter has stated before, many have wondered, where were his personal guard? Where were the Jedi, the Bene Gesserit and his other advisers? More news as it develops!

Update! Word has come out of the Confederacy that there is unrest in the capital world of Soterios. Reports are unconfirmed, but something may have happened to the self-appointed Empress Merglyn. More on this as news becomes available!

Meanwhile on Crella, a combined force of Alliance Navy, Mandolorian mercenaries, and freedom-loving authorized privateers struck a devastating blow to the Confederacy! Halting their vicious advance, our brave men and women stood firm, sending those Confederates slinking back into their hole.

In other news, the trial of Dr. Jack LeGrange begins today in the Fondor system. Accused of treason and illegal medical experimentation on sentients, this may prove to the be the trial of the century …

Episode 54 - Shadows of an Empire, Act 2
Path of the Jedi


Star Wars – Shards of Honor

Episode 54

Shadows Of An Empire, Act 2 : Path of the Jedi

This is Hamilton Carter of Holonet News reporting …

Reports have come in now from the front at Shindra. Outnumbered, and facing long odds, the Alliance pulled defeat from the jaws of certain death by a single act of a lone commando squad. This squad was led by none other than Admiral Vord’arcy in a raid that some have begun to call the “D’Arcy Gambit”. Even now, Alliance troops stand victorious upon the deck of the Confederacy’s greatest warship, and Shindra remains a system free of Confederacy tyranny! We can all sleep sound knowing that the brave beings of the Alliance military stand firm, unbroken and unchallenged defending our way of life!

In other news, no word has come from the palace over Emperor Gregor’s condition. Empress Katianna has requested a new Mentat to assist the Inquisitors in solving this case of attempted assassination. No word has emerged as to the motives of the Emperor’s deceased Mentat. Some speculate, it might have even been a political move or a rival Vor house striking out against the eldest of House VorShindra, rather than at the Emperor.

Many have wondered, where were his personal guard? Where were the Jedi, the Bene Gesserit and his other advisers? More news as it develops!

Episode 54 - Shadows of an Empire, Act I
Laws, Honor and Politics


Star Wars – Shards of Honor

Episode 54

Shadows Of An Empire

A desperate fight over Shindra leads to desperate measures. The flagship of the Tapani fleet, GREGOR’S PRIDE, goes down in a blinding flash of energy. As one last strike, the shock wave and ion wave shatters the back of the CONFEDERACY fleet.

Believing Admiral D’Arcy dead, the Alliance fought with renewed vigor. Suddenly, the CONFEDERACY DREADNOUGHT’S weapons fell silent. A single message broke the stillness: ‘A young Jedi taught me to always carry a spare. So, I claim this vessel for the Alliance. D’Arcy out.’

Meanwhile, our heroes are confronted with a different crisis. Accused of treason, numerous houses are brought sternly to heel by force. Dark forces long dormant play their moves in a gambit long coming … one that would spell the end of our heroes, the Alliance, and even the mighty Tapani Imperium itself.

Episode 53 - Cry Havok, Part 2
Jungle Games


Star Wars – Shards of Honor

Episode 53

Cry Havok

The CONFEDERACY DREADNOUGHT bears down on Shindra. Its escorts launch waves of fighters and landing craft. These are immediately intercepted by a combined force of ALLIANCE, DENDARII MERCENARIES and fighter wings from CLAN VENN. The battle for the fate of Shindra has begun.

On the other side the border between the CONFEDERACY and the ALLIANCE, the surviving ships from both sides have retreated to count their losses. The ALLIANCE gathered at the orbital Naval base at Crella, the CONFEDERACY to an old gas mining station in orbit around the fourth planet of the system.

Meanwhile, while our heroes speed towards the planet surface of Crella in search of Dr. Ton Wi, a pair of concealed CONFEDERACY assault shuttles follow them discreetly …


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