Star Wars: Shards

Episode 51 - A Civil Crusade, ACT II



With the troops fighting on the front lines in the Shindra system, struggling to keep it from the clutches of the Confed fleet, it seems there are those who can’t seem to control their own base urges! Just yesterday, word has it that two members of House Vorpinski were cut down in a back area of Estalle Island’s Historical District. One, an Alec Vorpinski died from his wounds. His cousin, Piotr Vorpinski is in unstable, critical condition but is currently under treatment.
The area where the crime occurred is notorious for the infamous ‘saber rake’ duels. The Defense Force has said little but it has been heard that Danar Vorpadaran has been held for questioning.

Colonel Piotr Vorpinski had recently returned to Procopia for a refit of his pirate hunting task force. With Colonel Vorpinski incapacitated, the task force which has maintained the stability of the main hyperspace route for our valiant naval forces and critical supply ships along the Estaph-Lastelle-Procopia hyperspace lane.

Sources close to the palace suggest that he might be replaced by Richars Vorrutyer, a move which is further complicated by the fact that Lord Richars does not hold the currently vacant Vorrutyer countship. The closest Vorrutyer in the bloodline would be Donna Vorrutyer, who is forbidden by law to take the Countship.

Currently, the murder investigation has garnered the attention of none other than Sir Yeager Lexis and his associates. What could be so important to draw in the Hand of the Emperor? A dire threat to the Emperor Himself? Possibly! Time will tell!

Episode 51 - A Civil Crusade
A Civil Crusade

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Star Wars – Shards of Honor
Episode 51

A Civil Crusade

Blasters light the darkness of space, as the CONFEDERACY mounts a bloody offensive to retake their lost system of Shindra. There are heroes on both sides. The war-weary ALLIANCE stands firm, resolute yet outnumbered. Reavers are everywhere.

Elsewhere, with their ships repaired and help brought back by Captains Khun and Benacor, our heroes make their way back to PROCOPIA, the capital of the TAPANI ALLIANCE. There they meet with the Ministry of Information, who treated the group to rest and relaxation in exchange for detailed information pertaining to the events aboard Port Santiago.

However, it has only been three days since the ambush in hyperspace. Unknown to our heroes, the engineers behind that ambush have already been at work. The attack was the opening of a chess game. One where the current move may take a knight off the board and mean dark tidings for our heroes and the heart of the ALLIANCE itself!


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