Star Wars: Shards

Episode 2.06 - Six Shot's the Charm
Doing a favor can be harder than it sounds!


Star Wars – Shards of Infamy

Episode 2.06

Six Shot’s the Charm

After the run in with the Freeworld’s Space Command team, then completing their cargo run, the crews of the Redwood and the Banana Republic find some well earned downtime on Tallarn.

Elsewhere, the recovery of the ancient holocron becomes the topic of conversation in quiet corners of the galaxy. One specific area is the Hightower Estates on Tavya. There, an elderly man named Eli Sandutsa peruses the dossiers assembled for him on the exploits.

He makes his travel arrangements to Tallarn. He sends an invitation ahead of him to the people that were involved with the holocron recovery. The invitation is for a meeting at the Black Rose Pub to discuss lucrative work of a personal nature.

Episode 3.03 - Mystery at Thyferra, Part 2
Identity Squared!


When last we left …

Arriving at Thyferra, our heroes were attacked by a band of mercenary battle droids. Were they waiting for them specifically? Or were they marauding the bacta trade lanes and happened to locate our heroes?

After dealing with the marauders, they arrived at Thyferra. At So’zen’s suggestion, they split into two groups. One heading to a remote location in Thyferra’s wide jungles. The other? Into the arcology of Xucphra City itself looking for the smuggler Prix.

In the jungle, Aerena and So’zen make a startling discovery. A group of raiders are attacking the bacta processing plants, and among them is the long thought dead Mace Windu! In Xucphra City, the others do track down Prix in the ‘Mottled Mynock’ cantina. They also uncover both the data broker Fenrisal and a band of thieves that impersonated the heroes to steal a floating tree from a botannical gardens! A tree that called for help?

Episode 3.03.01 Dear Bossman
In which Vanya dictates a holograph home

Dear Bossman,

You taught me that the Force is a part of all aspects of life, but also that it’s our ally in all those same aspects of life. That — unlike the opinions of SOME Jedi Masters, who shall remain Ben — the Force is for floating a pear to impress your date, as much as it’s for holding a catwalk together while people are still using it. You said the Force is a part of all things that encourage Life and Harmony, no matter what shape that takes.

I’ve tried to conduct myself always by that principle.

Well, I’m about to call on the Force as strongly as I can: I have to halt a repulsorlift that’s traveling at high speed, full of people disguised as me and my friends, so I can rescue a tree.

Because the tree asked me for help.

Good job, Boss, you’ve got me violating the physical laws of the universe … again … for something that might be named Groot.

Love and Jedi hugs,

Episode 2.05 - Between Rocks and a Hard Case
Never know what might be under a space rock ...


Star Wars – Shards of Infamy

Episode 2.05

Between Rocks and a Hard Case

With another cargo run to Dorella complete, its time for the return trip to Tallarn with a shipment of Quan-tech mining drill stabilizers, and a full load of pyralite crystal. Two things that the Shubin Mining Guild on Tallarn will be happy to see, and open their cred-sticks for.

The hyperspace jump has been anything but trivial. Ion storms in the outer rim of Dorella fouled the deflector grid. Mynocks chewing on plasma conduits to the backup hyperdrive almost took the ship off course. Arriving in the Sorella system to check navigation before continuing on the route for Tavya system, and then Tallarn, seemed a relief.

Then the ship’s sensors picked up the faint signal of a distress call from the asteroid belt in the outer planets. Local law in the Freeworlds region encourages reporting, if not answering, distress calls. But this one stands out more than normal. For Iwa, the distress call is coming from a ship named the “Redwood”. For Shree, Rushlight, and Dizzy, its from a ship called the “Banana Republic”.

Episode 3.03
Mystery at Thyferra


Star Wars – Shards of Exploration

Episode 3.03

Mystery at Thyferra

The audience with EMPRESS JENNA and her Imperial consort, YEAGER LEXIS, was cordial and beneficial. Thankful for uncovering another of the hidden labs used by the late EMPEROR PALPATINE, the Imperials give leave for the artifacts to leave with the heroes, after a security scan was done. The hope was that scans of the relics would help the Empire locate, and shut down, any still active projects left by Palpatine.

Leaving COURSCANT, they return to the INNER RIM, arriving at THYFERRA SYSTEM in the JASCO SECTOR. There, they set course for the lush jungle world of Thyferra in hopes to locate the long lost Jedi Master MACE WINDU or some clue as to his location.

Little to they know, a team has already been scouring the city for the smuggler PRIX and his unique cargo that he’s smuggling. Opposing them is the mysterious nomads, the HALUD. The outcome of this conflict, may provide a foothold for the mysterious benefactor which could bring about a new resurgance of the Dark Side.

Who really needs a droid anyway?

I had another lovely section of my journal to share, but apparently Spook took exception to my discussions about her reactions to the hot oil baths on the ship that we took to travel to Coruscant.

I can only tell you that I won an amazing race through the skies of Coruscant and no one – I do mean NO ONE can tell me that I am not an amazing pilot. I just hope I get to fly more.

So on to our latest adventure – which was a bit busier than I anticipated……

And we begin in combat. There are a whole bunch of bad guys who are here and firing at us. Vance gets behind a table which is almost cut in two, Vanya is standing in the middle of the floor with her light saber and is managing somehow to not get hit, and Davish throws a table and almost takes out one guy. I dodge behind the bar and manage to get one shot off, but they are wearing some kind of mega armor and it does nothing.

Davish manages somehow to remove the power from the machine gun blaster and then the door behind me opens. N8 walks out with two blasters! He inquires how he can be of assistance and I sic him on the bad guys. He starts taking them out one by one. As they first guy goes down, the next in line surrenders. Davish takes out another one with peanuts, and I run to get behind Vanya to be ready for the next round of combat.

Suddenly she goes into a bit of a trance and tells all of us to get away from the outside walls now. I think things are about to get more interesting. Vance grabs the table and hauls ass to get across the room and check the hallway to the back area in case someone is coming. Someone is. They are not impressed by Vance and instead turn and take out one of the bad guys. One bounty hunter tries to cuff N8 and is not successful. The leader throws out a concussion grenade and Vanya flows into action. She hits the grenade back towards the leader and it does off and knocks out everyone on that end of the bar. Then the wall to our right just melts and three guys enter from the new hole. Two guys enter from the back hallway and another guy comes in from the same door as N8. The leader tosses some kind of grenade that captures one of the bounty hunters in an electrical cage and explodes.
The bounty hunters step in through the wall and start spraying stun bolts. I go down – AGAIN!!!

I start to notice my surrounding when I feel a THWAP and I am out again.
I manage to come to again and obviously something has happened while I was out. I notice N8 is in combat and I fire off a quick shot and manage to drop the bounty hunter. Auntie hollers that she wants the last bad guy for an apology. Everyone still conscious in the bar runs to grab him before he gets away. Then So’Zen arrives and heals me then starts babbling about what has happened during his day. I had a nice Corellian Twister to relax.
Vanya and So’Zen search the unconscious and then while Vanya goes to find transportation, N8 tries to interface with a datapad she found. So’Zen finds another datapad and also gives it to N8. Vanya returns and tells us to pack up we have a ride. I ask N8 if he found anything good. Apparently he found out who hired those guys to track us down and Auntie is working on setting up a meeting. In the meantime, I grab a few spare power packs for my blaster and So’Zen grabs one of the force pikes (and their loose change). Vance grabs the leader’s helmet to check out the comms. Auntie and Vanya have a conversation about the events that occurred today. We are being sent toward Thyferra again. As she shuffles off, So’Zen gives her the money he had “found” and she tells him he is a good boy and to tell Yoda that he still owes her 12 credits.

We leave and head up to the palace to see what So’Zen has to show us. When we get there, So’Zen asks for the security chief of the palace to come see this mysterious exhibit he was shown by a ghost. We all follow him and he leads us to a secret door. He shows us the proof of his fight and then straight to the doors and we go into the one on the left. There is a lot of weird techy stuff which seems to get everyone excited. I think that some of the outlaw techs I know would enjoy hanging out here for a day or so – or however long it took to strip the room.

Suddenly a map in the corner starts glowing with weird symbols on the bottom. N8 translates the words to be planets Saddj and Bis with codenames of Junction Alpha and Junction Gamma. Another image appears of a holocron with etchings of a star map on it.
Vanya and I go to the other room to check it out and find a medical lab of horror. There is a cryotube with a Jedi knight who is dead in it and being forced to relive his death over and over by technical programming. We release him and suddenly see his ghost at the doorway. It says nothing – just nods in gratitude and disappears. We turn back to the room and Vanya uses her Jedi senses to see if there is a force of good in the room. She senses something and we start tearing things apart to find it. We narrow it down to the cryotube where the Jedi is. I try to find it, but get nowhere. Vanya calls in Vance and he discovers where the item is and the button to release it, but insists that Vanya opens it with her Jedi powers. Calm and soothing music pours out. The group tries to figure out how to access the holocron that is found.

Vanya then requests an audience with the Empress and her consort and the security chief says we can go right up.

I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Episode 3.02 - The Game is Afoot, Part 3
Hunters, Bounties, and History Lessons!


When last we left …

… following the trail of clues leads our heroes to the world of Coruscant. There, they follow two paths.

The first takes Vanya, Danar, Davish and Aerena down to Courscant’s level 1313, once “Vance Kerplocken” made his presence known on Coruscant. There, they meet with Auntie Maicha, the matron of the bar ‘Dead Ringer’. After a brief negotiation, and winning an illegal race against Auntie’s champion, Auntie agrees to help the heroes with information. That is, until bounty hunters smash into the Dead Ringers looking for the heroes!

Meanwhile, the Force guides So’zen to a mysterious figure sitting on a bench outside the knight’s hall. There the young jedi gains some insight into the mysterious hyperspace passage to and from Byss that cannot possibly exist. Then the Force leads So’zen directly to the detectives investigating the murders in the Crimson Knight Hall. This leads the young Jedi to the Imperial Palace, drawn by an urge from the Force. One that told him to take the historical tour.

Episode 3.02 - The Game is Afoot, Part 2
... and then a Senator came a'calling ...


When last we left …

… our heroes were requested to assist in both the investigations of the mysterious bounty hunter who attacked them, and the gruesome murder of two Solicitor Judges.

But, at the moment both groups uncovered key information for each case, they are attacked simultaneously! So’zen, Aerena, and N8, who are examining the bounty hunter’s remains, are attacked by a mercenary team! While Vanya, Sir Davish, and Danar are attacked by an ancient enemy of the Bene Gesserit, a robotic shapeshifting droid.

The attacks were brief, and our heroes survived with the information they recovered mostly intact. Why they were attacked at the same time, no one knows. All the mercenaries would say is that they were after the bounty on the items. The droid? It left saying only ‘Do not go to Chalcedon’.

As the dust settles, emergency crews for both locations move in to assess any damage. Meanwhile, the heroes get a quick message from Senator Padme Skywalker, requesting a meeting with them in her office off the embassy concourse next to the newly renamed Estalle Palace.

Government houses are all the same
Which way did it go?

Day 3

I am part of a trio this time. The young Jedi, the protocol droid, and I are detailed off to meet a representative of Impsec. This young woman already knows who we are, our pasts, and our skill set. She knew I had a past with the Medusas, that young So’zen has a special ability with astrogation, and how good the protocol droid is. She takes us to a tech center with the various bits and bobs sent in from our last assignment. She also mentions that we can see the body if we want then leaves us “alone”.

Mandolorian iron is a component of the arm that was on the bounty hunter. The cybernetic arm is highly advanced. It appears to be outlaw tech, so I get out my tools and open it up. Damn thing shocks me. That is going to be painful for whichever tech was responsible for setting that trap. I shake it off and get back into it using my special multi-tool. I am able to move the wiring up without disconnecting anything and suddenly the light dawns. I have seen something like this in the Medusas. We got a special thing made once by Silar Mins, a genius even among the genius outlaws, for a job. It allows the controller to remotely control droids within range and this particular baby has the ability to talk to nearby communication systems for a boost to the range. Now why would this bounty hunter have this? And how did he get it? I need to get in touch with Silar – for two reasons now.

N8 and the So’zen are discussing the possibility of what their combined data tells us. There is one planet that seems to be important to both sets of data. So’zen calls back in our contact and they begin talking about the map he has been able to create. There is a straight line on it which should be impossible, but he trusts the force. However, he does say that it is probable to be of some “dark” power. She tells us that there is a citadel on that planet that was used by the Emperor for his special projects. The young So’zen tries humor – does as much good as a lead balloon.

She then asks both N8 and I what we have learned. I don’t know if they tell her everything, but I don’t tell her anything except about the trap which I am sure they saw on the monitors. She leaves and then I move on to the arm to destroy it so they can’t learn what I did. I try, but Silar did yet another trap. Just as it zaps me again, the building rocks to a huge explosion. N8 gets us re-breathers when gas starts filling the room. So’zen tells his droid to get the fans working, but that is a no go. Apparently the building is being controlled by someone or something outside the building. We discuss options and N8 is going downstairs, where the explosion occurred, while So’zen and I head upstairs to the cars to evacuate. So’zen grabs the arm, which I couldn’t blow up, and puts it in his droid. We head for the door when a blast knocks the droid back. Outside are five mercenaries in full armor who scan us and say, “It’s in the droid. Get the droid!”

The mercs fire a device at the droid and it looks like they are trying to hack in. One fires in, she appears to be in charge and telling the others what to do. She fires in and So’zen dodges while one of the others dons a hologram and heads off to the side – maybe the maintenance room? And for what? Then So’zen does this Jedi thing and suddenly the device on the droid crunches and falls off. I try to shoot my blaster, but the computer in this building detects the ignition and disables my weapon! I grab two batteries off the shelf and chunk them at the chick in front. I hit her with both of them and she goes down. N8 heads off to do protocol droid things and manages to contact building security for backup.

The Jedi goes into some sort of trance while I get down behind the wall and shoot my blaster – from outside the door!- in order to bypass the suppression field. I hit another one of the mercs and knock it down. Two down, two busy, one to go. The one in front gets partially up and fires at So’zen who is walking towards the mercs with his light saber out and ready.

One of the mercs fire at So’zen who blocks it with his light saber and it ricochets into the ceiling and suddenly the fire suppression tube is blown out and the hallway around So’zen is filled with water. He walks on though dripping wet. I fire at the merc from behind the wall and hit solidly. She doesn’t fall and fires back. She hits the door frame and another shot at So’zen seems to have some sort of effect. I fire at her again with less of an effect and she fires and misses again. One of the mercs had tried to get away from the fight so he could concentrate on the droid. A projectile heads toward So’zen who jedi’s it and it goes into the room the merc had been heading. It was a sonic grenade! The merc is affected and is having trouble. So’zen also is feeling some effects from the last blast.

An Arc trooper suddenly pops in the back and fires a cleansing fire. All mercs are taken care of and he leaves just as suddenly as he came. Now I will admit that I might have a few details wrong here. There was so much going on and shots were going in every direction. All I know for certain is that I do love me an Arc trooper!!

Episode 3.02 - The Game is Afoot
Too many questions ... not enough answers ...


Star Wars – Shards of Exploration

Episode 3.02

The Game Is Afoot

The bounty hunter was not who he seemed. Once the surviving Imperials and pirates were collected from the abandoned medical station, it was a simple search to locate details on the mysterious bounty hunter. His name was Verin Dola, a man once known as Imperial Inquisitor Jarik Malis who – like all the Inquisitors – was wanted for war crimes.

His body and belongings were remanded into the custody of TAPANI IMPERIUM SECURITY on Procopia. ImpSec quickly went to work, looking for a connection to any other Inquisitors. Instead of answers, they came away with more questions. Meanwhile the bodies of the two Solicitor Judges were returned to Procopia, along with the hunter seekers that killed them.

Confronted with two perplexing problems, ImpSec and the ORDER OF SOLICITORS each ask for help. ImpSec asks that Aerena, N8, and So’zen assist with unraveling a set of puzzles with Jarik Malis. The Order of Solicitors request Vanya, Davish and Danar Vorpadaran assist with unlocking the riddle around the death of the two Judges.


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