Star Wars: Shards

Is anybody home?
Send in the Corellian

I landed in the hanger bay on the station ahead of the group as ordered. It seems to be a case of send in the Corellian to check things first. Found a pirate tramp ship named the “Cutlass” and a lambda class shuttle. Spukamas runs a level one diagnostic for the hanger bay and declares the area safe with a breathable atmosphere, but minimal power in the area. The shuttle is giving Spukamas trouble and really irritating him since it doesn’t have a live transponder and won’t allow him to scan it in any way. It appears to have modified shielding and the galactic seal has something wrong with it. Can’t really tell what, but it is not the correct one. I am getting a bad feeling about that shuttle so I am going to recommend ignoring it.

The others land and apparently it was decided to split up. I am going with Vanya to CNC. We leave the hanger bay locked down with gravity boots on all ships and Spukamas on guard duty since I don’t trust that shuttle. As Vanya and I head towards the headquarters it is clear that a major battle took place. We get to the turbolift and Vanya attempts to get it working, but nothing happens. Then she remembers a code that she has from the Clone Wars. I try that and the doors open – at the exact same moment four droids drop from the ceiling behind us. Now we are trapped and, while we have some shelter from the turbolift, the doors didn’t close. I think that code might have been a bad one.

I tend to be a shoot first, ask questions later so I pop off a shot at the lead droid which appeared out of nowhere and has knives. I don’t like knives. It manages to evade my shot. The other droids behind it all shoot long silvery objects coming straight at us. I get off another shot at the droid in front and almost hit it, but one of the objects dodges in front and takes the hit. Vanya steps in front of me and begins to dance with her light saber and takes out all of the metallic objects. The droids respond by firing blaster bolts and suddenly there are fires in the corridor and then fire suppressant fills the corridor. I take another shot at the droid with the knives and finally connect. ALL of the droids explode and the walls start to crack. Blast doors come down in front of us and the turbolift doors close. Battle done – I am just not sure if we won or not.

Then the doors open into chaos. There is a pitched battle going on, but I am not sure who is on what side. There is one guy that seems to be really good and I decide to concentrate on him. Vanya pushes back three droids and I shoot the ceiling above him trying to take him out by surprise, but he dodges. She then tries to talk everyone down, and the response is a muffled whump as something explodes on the station. It seems to have come from the hanger bay so I call Spukamas for an update. Apparently the two other ships in the hanger bay have exploded and he is busy trying to put out fires and keep my X-wing out of danger. I knew not to trust that shuttle!

Vanya attempts to take out the weapon of the bounty hunter and manages to reactivate the droid beside her. I take a running slide and manage to get under its shields and shoot straight up. I take out the shields and it takes a step back from both of us. Then the bounty hunter fires and Vanya takes a direct hit. There might be something to all this Jedi stuff, because she is still going. I take the opportunity to shoot at the bounty hunter from my reclining position. I hit him and really REALLY upset him. Turns out he is some kind of Jedi thing and he yells at me and I go flying across the room and hit the wall hard enough to at least crack some ribs. I think I will take a small break from this fight and let the Jedi handle it. I check in with Spook and at least my X-wing is fixed. I take a pot shot at the bad guy and he doesn’t even really acknowledge it. Nap time for me.

I wake up after the battle is over and Spukamas contacts me to let me know a scout ship has dropped out of hyper space. I let Vanya know and she attempts contact. They flee without saying anything. Then a call comes in from Coruscant. We are headed out, but at least we did manage to get the artifacts. Mission accomplished.

Episode 3.01 - A Gathering of Shadows, Part 2
Who left those parked there?


When last we left …

… surviving the near total destruction of the Alliance cruiser, Forward Into Dawn, our heroes foiled a pirate raid, only to learn the pirates made off with the Jedi artifacts.

Tracking the artifacts to an abandoned Clone Wars era station in the outer planets of the Yag’dhul system, they approach with caution. In the hangar bay, they see an Imperial Lambda class shuttle parked alongside one of the pirate’s Ghtroc tramp freighters.

Meanwhile both Jedi, and long range scanners, detect life aboard the station … being slowly extinguished one by one…

The adventure begins
Where did I go wrong?

I managed to use ship sensors to see outside our ship once it was damaged. Apparently some one thought it would be a good idea to use an asteroid as a sledge hammer. It isn’t too bad having Jedi around. One of them enabled me to make a pretty decent dodge as I was running down a debris strewn corridor in the middle of a firefight. I even took out one of the bad guys too. Then I tried to get to my ship – BIG MISTAKE.

Instead of an empty hanger and a quick hop into my ship, there were 6 bad guys. When I tried to take out one, I hit him, but suddenly everyone turns and fires at me and the repulsorlift that was keeping some crates blocking me from them moved and I was knocked out. When I came too, that same Jedi was standing in front of me and keeping any further damage from happening. I ran over to Spukamas, removed the restraining bolt, and worked quickly to get my X-wing into space.

Spukamas painted one of the Z95 headhunters first and I switched over to dual lasers and shot it twice. First shot took out the shields, but the other pilot has some skill and managed to turn enough that I only hit the armor. I am going around for a second shot. Stupid pilot managed to evade and went through the broken ship and my shields are fried. Spukamas is working quickly to repair the damage. Managed to get a lock on that ship again and poured all 4 lasers into him. He is no more.

Now I have to wait while the rest of the team figures out how to get onto a working ship so we can follow the bad guys. Finally get on to a freighter and head off to a system. The Jedi do a lot of posturing about following the force. We’ll see…..but I have to admit they are good in a fight.

Rested and repaired and we are in system. I am tasked to go with the Jedi to recover some kind of Jedi artifacts. Apparently they are a big deal. As we enter the system, I notice one of the computers suddenly comes on and tells us exactly where the artifacts are – and that they are in danger. Once we get closer to the 8th moon, we discover a space station orbiting the moon. Vanya (head Jedi) gasps as she realized the life signs on the station are quickly dwindling. We come close and see that there is a galactic ship docked amid signs of fighting.

Episode 3.01 - A Gathering of Shadows
A funny thing happened while running an errand for Master Yoda ...


Star Wars – Shards of Exploration

Episode 3.01

A Gathering of Shadows

All but one of the CRIMSON KNIGHTS has vanished. Their absence has become the first challenge for the new COUNCIL OF GUARDIANS. Could there be a new, sinister force behind the Imperial Knight order’s disappearance?

In their wake, it was discovered that Emperors Palpatine and Kane ordered the destruction of Jedi artifacts and Imperial Data before their loss to the ALLIANCE a galactic year ago. Believing there is a connection, MASTER YODA requests a favor from GRAND ADMIRAL ANGELO D’ARCY of the TAPANI IMPERIUM. Assistance to aid two Jedi knights, and the last Crimson Knight in searching for lost information and artifacts. Even to locate the missing Crimson Knights.

Traveling aboard the Alliance cruiser, FORWARD INTO DAWN, the group tasked with locating the knights and artifacts make their first successful recovery. A handful of artifacts have been found by archaeologist Zaine Antara. One of which is said to be of great importance to Master Yoda. Now, the FORWARD INTO DAWN is stopping over in the Lusk system to resupply, before making their way to the new Jedi Temple on Allandor

Welcome to the Forward into Dawn's Ship based diary system

Greetings, I am protocol droid designate N8-4C0 and I will be explaining to you the Forward into Dawn’s ship based diary system. This system, often referred to as starship log, is a place where you can keep any notes that you feel are appropriate to retain without the need for an accessible Mentat. In addition, these log entries may be sent to any of the registered passengers or crew in the event that additional communication is required.

Please check this area regularly as the captain may use this medium for ship wide communications of events such as planetary stop overs (often with links to the system in question such as this one about the lovely Dampher System, please make sure you take time to listen to the great local band that plays on the starport’s concourse), or other shipwide new articles like the upcoming pirate attack.

Wait, Pirate Attack?

There’s a Pirate ATTACK!!!! Everyone to the life boats!!!!

Oh, wait, that was just a drill. Please ignore any comments concerning evacuating the ship.

Getting back to our introduction to the Forward into Dawn’s ship based diary system, we hope that you will find this diary system very useful in your travel, and please prepare for final departure of Falkin Station.

Episode 2.04 - Abbey Normal
Just a little trip to check up on a ship ...

Star Wars – Shards of Infamy

Episode 2.04

Abbey Normal

After a quiet cargo haul to the outlying systems of the Tapani Sector, the crew of the Banana Republic returns to Tallarn for a well-deserved rest and refueling.

On arrival, Bi-Tai Iltrek, their herglic broker, sweeps Greelo and Rushlight away in his wake. They head to the Tallarn bazaar to deal with a merchant who is cheating Cathar travelers out of supplies and collect on the bounty warrant issued by port authorities.

Meanwhile, Dizzy and Shree stay with the Banana Republic and oversee the refit and resupply of the ship. The refueling droids wheel out of the hangar, when Tyler Barret of Barret Transport walks in and offers Dizzy an interesting proposal…

Episode 2.03 - Who Stole First
Just a plain and simple cargo run ...

Star Wars – Shards of Infamy

Episode 2.03

Who Stole First

Brush fires stir in the former boundaries of the CONFEDERACY as ALLIANCE troops begin the long work towards reunification. In a far-thinking, but unpopular, stance the young Emperor Gregor announces an offer of amnesty to CONFEDERACY troops in the Council of Counts. His reason? War has separated families long enough, now is a time of healing, not placing blame.

Elsewhere in the galaxy, whispers of a mystery are heard. On CORUSCANT, the headquarters of the CRIMSON KNIGHTS stands open and empty. Rumors say there was signs of a conflict. But no weapons remain, nor is there any sign of victims, or attackers.

Meanwhile in the coreward section of the Tapani Freeworlds life continues. The crew of the Banana Republic enjoy an uneventful cargo run to Tamber to deliver water purification plant parts. Then after picking up more cargo and a mentat passenger, begin the quiet trip back to Tallarn. All the while a covert Deep Space Probe Droid transmits a recognition code and image of the Banana Republic to its owners …

Episode 2.02 - First Come, First Served
Making Friends in Low Places

Star Wars – Shards of Infamy

Episode 2.02

First Come, First Served

Reconstruction and rebuilding are the order of the day across the Tapani sector, even in the galaxy as a whole. Young Emperor Gregor turns his focus on healing the wounds of the Tapani Imperium. The Alliance Senate, following the direction of Senator Padme Skywalker, turn their attention towards conflicts in the greater galaxy.

In the Galactic Empire, Empress Jenna begins the long process of reformation. Change never comes easy, and not all noble houses embrace the change. Some are willing, some resist and some require a stern lecture from the Empress’ consort, Yeager Lexis.

On Tallarn, the crew of the Banana Republic bring the lost freighter, the Bedazzled Apple, into high orbit. There they leave it in the hands of the Seven Suns Shipping tug crews. At Mantis station on Tallarn, Bi-Tai Iltrek is waiting. The herglic greets the crew with credits, a warm welcome, and a job once they’ve had time to rest from their trip. Just a nice, quiet salvage operation in the Letev system.

Episode 2.01 - Dismal Luck
Uncover ... discover?

Star Wars – Shards of Infamy

Episode 2.01

Dismal Luck

It has been six months since the fall of the CONFEDERACY. Wounds have begun to heal, and the flame of war slowly grows cold.

During that time, changes unfold across the Tapani sector and the greater galaxy as a whole. The Empress Katianna abdicates in favor of her brother, Gregor, who has recovered from being poisoned. Regent Aral Vorkosigan retires from his position as regent, and is replaced by Lord Admiral Angelo D’Arcy. In the greater galaxy, Sister-Captain Jenna Martovich becomes Empress Jenna I of the Galactic Empire. She settles on Coruscant with her consort, Yeager Lexis and his daughter Elhonna. Positive changes begin to emerge in the Empire.

Meanwhile, on Fondor, life returns to normal. A band of four mercenaries returned to a summons over a recently released blockade runner from police impound. To their surprise, they find they are quickly awarded a search and rescue contract by Seven Suns Shipping to recover the cargo from a ruined freighter, the Bedazzled Apple, in the Lynx system before a rival company does …

Episode 54 - Shadows of an Empire, Act 6


Star Wars – Shards of Honor

Episode 54

Shadows Of An Empire, Act 6 : Checkmate!

“In chess, opportunity strikes but once, Admiral D’Arcy. As in life, Simon, that is why the future belongs to he who has the bishops … and his own brand of luck.”

On approach to Procopia, the capital world of the Tapani Imperium …

After the discovery of the mysterious virus hidden in the administration systems of the Galactic Empire, and the increasingly erratic actions of Empress Katianna, our heroes decide to take the initiative. Arriving at Procopia, they resolve to speak with Katianna while also recovering Doctor Simon Tam and what few of the Beskar Aran that remain in the palace. To follow through with this plan, it would take a dual approach. One group to meet with Katianna, another to meet with Jenna Vormecetti, Dr. Tam and the Beskar Aran. However, a dark plan long in the making comes to fruition. One that could unravel the heroes’ plans, and bring about their ultimate end.

Meanwhile …

This is Hamilton Carter of Holonet News reporting … bringing you the REAL and accurate news of the galaxy …

Holonet Breaking News! Sources reveal that Empress Merglyn has been assassinated in her own throne room! While the identity of the assassin has not been discovered, some eye witnesses describe what may have been a star freighter pilot visiting the Empress shortly before the body was found. Needless to say, the Confederacy is in disarray. Without the direct control of Empress Merglyn, Confederacy forces are surrendering across the sector!

However, the lone pilot remains a mystery that has yet to be solved. If it can be solved.

In other news, in the wake of the confession of guilt by the head of House Vorpadaran, new holo-vids have surfaced of High Lord Vormecetti. In those videos, he is seen to plot with conspirators over ‘preparations concerning the throne’. While its unclear specifically what he meant, it is enough that he – and his conspirators in House Vorbarnabas, House Vorcalipsa, and House Vorkalloner will be charged with treason. Following this, word has come out of the palace suspending the activities of the Council of Counts … more on this in a moment.


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