Star Wars: Shards

Episode 2.06 - Six Shot's the Charm, Part 4
The Sithhound Trail

Star Wars – Shards of Infamy

Episode 2.06

Six Shot’s the Charm

Part IV

When last we left, our heroes juggled two problems at once, only to find a new one!

Dizzy and Iwa on boarding the Malamadre, find its crew in bad shape. Some are willing to talk, most are willing to shoot first and ask questions later. The fight is intense, but brief. When done, they get the sense something was off about the situation.

Giving the slip to the unusual amount of company flying in system, Greelo and Rushlight make it to the Malamadre in time to help Dizzy and Iwa check the ship out. During their search, they find that the captain of the Malamadre may be addled, but had a map that might indicate the location of the mysterious Westlake. But, this is suspicious since he may have been getting this information from a Sith Holocron and a parasite that was attached to his brain.

On leaving, more of the parasites appeared using mynocks as their hosts. Running for their lives, they return to the shuttles. Escaping the Malamadre they leave the infected mynocks and the derelict ship for the Spartan Imperium. In return, the Spartans respond by destroying the ship without even boarding it. Then, they began searching for Dizzy, Rushlight, Iwa and Greelo.

But our heroes manage to return to the Banana Republic and hide in a natural magnetic-ionization disturbance between the gas giant and one of its closer moons.

As the Spartans leave, our heroes decide that whatever prize the Westlake has is not worth anyone finding. That ship must be destroyed. But first, Rushlight has to survive surgery … as he was infected by a parasite from the Malamadre during their escape.

Episode 3.03 - Mystery at Thyferra, Part 5
Fight at the Factory

When last we left, an aircar crash and a fight at a bacta plant left our heroes into a dire situation!

Returning to the bacta factory, Vanya, Danar and Davish encounter the same squad of stormtroopers as did the others. At first, things seem reasonable, before talks break down and a firefight breaks out in the factory. Meanwhile, So’zen and Aerena track down Prix. But so has a bounty hunter team led by Aurra Sing! The hunters try to trap their prey in the bar, but a few tricks from So’zen, well placed shots from Aerena and some gear from Prix allow them to escape. Stealing an aircar, they join the others at the factory with the bounty hunters in tow!

A second firefight takes place, that forces the aircar into an emergency crash landing. Aurra Sing falls free and gets up. There is now other motion among the wreckage of the aircar. Could more of the bounty hunters have survived? If so, how?

Episode 2.06 - Six Shot's the Charm, Part 3
Who Tracks the Tracker?


Star Wars – Shards of Infamy

Episode 2.06

Six Shot’s the Charm

Part III

When last we left, our heroes had followed the trail to Dixon’s Star, a known hive of scum and villainy. On arriving, they break out the shuttles and begin to search. They find a hotbed of activity given that travel to this system is deadly at best.

First, there was the mysterious man by the name of Shan Holt. Always at their heels, Holt is after the Malamadre, and its commander, Walter Rosina. The same Rosina that our heroes are hunting for.

Second, would be the mysterious “repo agent” working for the criminal mastermind, Adelai Niska. He seems reasonable enough, and quite taken with Rushlight’s ‘field experience’ with ‘medical tools’.

Third, would be the brief encounter with a military starship from someplace called the Spartan Imperium. Stern, direct, they were a jump away. What were they doing so far into pirate space?

Last would be the Malamadre herself. Bleeding power, life support low, she’s a flying death trap. By the communications, there are crew aboard, and one Walter Rusina. Now, with everything gunning for Rosina and the Malamadre, it may be time to make some hard decisions with regards to completing this job for Eli Sandutsa …

Episode 3.03 - Mystery at Thyferra, Part 4
Another piece to the puzzle


When last we left, our heroes had separated to tackle three problems at once.

With the rare Force Tree recovered from the thieves – and the police impound yard – Danar, Tibit, and Mace Windu delivered it to the hidden enclave of the Vratix religious leaders. There, they help secure the tree in a hidden location deep in the jungles of Thyferra, away from prying eyes.

Meanwhile, back in Xucphra city, Vanya and Davish visit Fenrisal at Sunrise Memorial Hospital. But, before they can question him, he is poisoned by another assassination attempt! Chasing the assassin leads to an invasion of the hospital by a squad of well-armed commandos who seem to possess miraculous regenerative abilities! With the help of a local police officer, Sergeant Tarkin Montoya, they manage to get Fenrisal to safety and lose the commandos.

During the hospital invasion, N-8, So’zen and Aerena attempt to liberate the Vratix workers. Under the guise of a ‘documentary film crew’, they gain access to the factory. There, they discover the workers are all collared with what may be explosives! Not only that, they are attacked by a squad of what look to be Galactic Imperial scout troopers wearing a mysterious emblem on their armor! Caught by surprise, the heroes make a fast exit. So’zen and Aerena out through the front door, N-8 out a hidden side door with help from a mysterious Halud ally.

Now that they’ve regrouped, they have changed tactics. This time Vanya, Danar, and Davish will take on the factory and its mysterious scout trooper unit. So’zen and Aerena are tracking down the smuggler, Prix, to draft into helping them with his network of informants. Then last, N-8 will help Sgt. Montoya get Fenrisal to a safe location so the local police can decide what to do with him.

Episode 2.06 - Six Shot's the Charm, Part 2
Deal with the Devil


Star Wars – Shards of Infamy

Episode 2.06

Six Shot’s the Charm

Part II

After being hired by an older gentleman to look into, and bring justice upon, one old friend who murdered another, a message leads the crew to Aleron. There, they track down Howie Cabotan, a young man who witnessed the murder. But! Someone else is after Howie! A mysterious figure stalking the young man, possibly seeking the same information as the heroes!

Paranoid, Howie runs at first sight of our heroes, but they manage to corral him without too much trouble. Once cornered, and calmed down, Howie explains about the mysterious man, and about an ill-fated search for a mystery ghost ship called the Westlake aboard the ship the Malamadre.

Looking to backtrack Howie’s shuttle flight to the ship the murders took place, the heroes realize they need to get the navicomputer data from the shuttle. A shuttle that Howie already sold to earn money to make his way home to Aleron. Now, with the shuttle and its contents being auctioned off by Roga the Hutt, the heroes must find a way to get the navicomputer – and its data – before they are lost forever!

Episode 3.03 - Mystery at Thyferra, Part 3
Rumble in the Factory!


When last we left …

As the thieves raced away from the botanical garden station, our heroes went into action. Moving quickly, they block the thieves escape! In the process, they meet Tibit, the padawan to Asoka Tano. From Tibit they learn that someone is after these special trees, of which there are only a handful left alive. The mystery remains, how did the thieves manage to impersonate the heroes? And why only those identities?

Meanwhile, outside the bacta processing factories, Aerena and So’Zen come to a quick peace with Mace Windu and his Halud allies. Regrouping with the others, Mace Windu relates his story, how he survived his fall, the creation of the Crimson Knights, and a mysterious “Enemy” that Palpatine started a silent war with on Byss.

Now, with the Force Tree being delivered for safe keeping with the Vratix priests deep in the Thyferra jungle, Vanya makes her way to Xucphra City Hospital to see Fenrisal. Her hope is to learn why he is connected to the bounties on their heads. Meanwhile, the others are following Mace Windu’s wishes, and setting into the Xucphra City bacta refinery to free the enslaved workers.

Episode 2.06 - Six Shot's the Charm
Doing a favor can be harder than it sounds!


Star Wars – Shards of Infamy

Episode 2.06

Six Shot’s the Charm

After the run in with the Freeworld’s Space Command team, then completing their cargo run, the crews of the Redwood and the Banana Republic find some well earned downtime on Tallarn.

Elsewhere, the recovery of the ancient holocron becomes the topic of conversation in quiet corners of the galaxy. One specific area is the Hightower Estates on Tavya. There, an elderly man named Eli Sandutsa peruses the dossiers assembled for him on the exploits.

He makes his travel arrangements to Tallarn. He sends an invitation ahead of him to the people that were involved with the holocron recovery. The invitation is for a meeting at the Black Rose Pub to discuss lucrative work of a personal nature.

Episode 3.03 - Mystery at Thyferra, Part 2
Identity Squared!


When last we left …

Arriving at Thyferra, our heroes were attacked by a band of mercenary battle droids. Were they waiting for them specifically? Or were they marauding the bacta trade lanes and happened to locate our heroes?

After dealing with the marauders, they arrived at Thyferra. At So’zen’s suggestion, they split into two groups. One heading to a remote location in Thyferra’s wide jungles. The other? Into the arcology of Xucphra City itself looking for the smuggler Prix.

In the jungle, Aerena and So’zen make a startling discovery. A group of raiders are attacking the bacta processing plants, and among them is the long thought dead Mace Windu! In Xucphra City, the others do track down Prix in the ‘Mottled Mynock’ cantina. They also uncover both the data broker Fenrisal and a band of thieves that impersonated the heroes to steal a floating tree from a botannical gardens! A tree that called for help?

Episode 3.03.01 Dear Bossman
In which Vanya dictates a holograph home

Dear Bossman,

You taught me that the Force is a part of all aspects of life, but also that it’s our ally in all those same aspects of life. That — unlike the opinions of SOME Jedi Masters, who shall remain Ben — the Force is for floating a pear to impress your date, as much as it’s for holding a catwalk together while people are still using it. You said the Force is a part of all things that encourage Life and Harmony, no matter what shape that takes.

I’ve tried to conduct myself always by that principle.

Well, I’m about to call on the Force as strongly as I can: I have to halt a repulsorlift that’s traveling at high speed, full of people disguised as me and my friends, so I can rescue a tree.

Because the tree asked me for help.

Good job, Boss, you’ve got me violating the physical laws of the universe … again … for something that might be named Groot.

Love and Jedi hugs,

Episode 2.05 - Between Rocks and a Hard Case
Never know what might be under a space rock ...


Star Wars – Shards of Infamy

Episode 2.05

Between Rocks and a Hard Case

With another cargo run to Dorella complete, its time for the return trip to Tallarn with a shipment of Quan-tech mining drill stabilizers, and a full load of pyralite crystal. Two things that the Shubin Mining Guild on Tallarn will be happy to see, and open their cred-sticks for.

The hyperspace jump has been anything but trivial. Ion storms in the outer rim of Dorella fouled the deflector grid. Mynocks chewing on plasma conduits to the backup hyperdrive almost took the ship off course. Arriving in the Sorella system to check navigation before continuing on the route for Tavya system, and then Tallarn, seemed a relief.

Then the ship’s sensors picked up the faint signal of a distress call from the asteroid belt in the outer planets. Local law in the Freeworlds region encourages reporting, if not answering, distress calls. But this one stands out more than normal. For Iwa, the distress call is coming from a ship named the “Redwood”. For Shree, Rushlight, and Dizzy, its from a ship called the “Banana Republic”.


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