Kit Kat

Medium build, medium appearance, middle-age male human... modified.


Bushy eyebrows, red lips, and drab clothing are the hallmarks of a Mentat. But Kit Kat was also trained to be a master of disguise, so he could appear as anyone when on a mission.

Move: 10
Character Points: roughly 24
Force Points: 9
Dark Side Points: 0
Funds: (?) Vow of Poverty, but wealthy benefactors are the Mentats and House Vor Paderon, Grand Admiral Angelo D’Arcy

Dexterity: 2D
____Blaster 1D
____Dodge +1D
____Grenade +1D
____ Brawling Parry, Run +0
Perception: 4D
____Con +2
____Search +2
____Disguise +2
____Bargain, Command, Persuasion, Gambling, Hide, Sneak +0
Knowledge: 4D
____Willpower +1D
____Bureaucracy, Cultures, intimidate, planetary systems, survival, alien species, value +0
Strength: 2D
____Brawling, climbing/jumping, stamina, swim +0
Mechanical: 2D
____Sensors +2D
____Communications, Repulsorlift operation, space transport +0
Technical: 2D
____Computer programming/repair +3D
____First Aid +1D

Force Skills
Consuming Sapho Juice confers equivalent of Concentration skill and pings all force-aware people nearby that he has become force-sensitive.

Equipment: Kit Kat’s equipment is constantly changing depending on his benefactors’ jobs for him. The following list is his most common equipment.
small container of Sapho Juice
Disguise Kit with false ID’s
Medical Scanner Glove
PDA with stylus,
Dune Force Shield Belt
Syntherope dispenser
Briefcase with a disassembled Imperial Blaster Rifle (5D) in it for no apparent reason.
Droid restraining bolt
small floating Practice droid and/or Messenger droid
1-3 Military grade stimpacks and a cigar that Yeager just handed him with the admonition, “Not until the fat lady sings.”
Small 1st Aid Kit with Bacta NuSkin spray


Kit Kat and another graduate of the Mentat Academy, Almon d’Joy, were once fairly friendly rivals in school, but Kit Kat was gifted to Vor Paderon of House Pelagia, and Almon was gifted to, well, other persons for whom his skills were more closely aligned. You see, Kit Kat, often concluded answers to problems faster by immediately discounting unethical courses of action, thus reducing the number of possible solutions to be computed. Almon took the other route, often arriving at more creative solutions, but less ethical ones.


Kit Kat

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