Wookie pilot.


A female wookie 2.3 meters tall with chocolate brown fur and 250 years old. If you need to know her weight, talk to your gods first and see if they will support you in your insanity. she carries a bowcaster, vibroblade, and a hunting knife as well as a diagnostic scanner and repair kit.


Iwa, a female Wookie, was born 250 years ago. She had a wonderful childhood full of learning and work. There was a lot of new building and it was an exciting time to be a Wookie. She even took a few trips around the galaxy to see what was to be seen. Then when she was 80, she married Akchirr. They built a beautiful home for themselves and raised three children; two boys, Vrakk and Ettass, and one girl, Olla. She and Akchirr did their best to raise their children to be loving parents and responsible adults as well as to be productive members of the community. It had been a time of peace, but a few short years after her youngest child was married, war descended on their planet. Akchirr and Iwa both had learned to use bowcasters as children and continued the practice as adults (and as a means of putting fresh meat on the table). Their skills were called into use to defend their planet and both survived. This however, began a time of terror and uncertainty for their family. Every day there were fresh rumors of Wookies being taken off planet as slaves. Akchirr denied the reality – until the day he and Iwa went hunting and were captured by a platoon of storm troopers. When they awoke, they were slaves in the Kessel spice mines. This was not an experience that Iwa would ever be able to forget. There was never enough food, and it was cold, dirty, and dark. There were no living things around to refresh the spirit or give hope. Akchirr got sick and with no fresh air, no medicine, and no hope – he died. Iwa experienced grief and rage, but she never lost hope. She refused to give in to despair and then rescue came. Iwa returned to her home planet, but was unable to settle down to life in her home or with her family. There was an empty hole in her life and she could not return to what she had known. After talking with her children, they all agreed that Iwa would be happier if she left Kashyyyk and was given a B-wing by her family so she would have a means of income. She has been carting passengers and freight during the end of the Galactic War and all through-out the civil war.


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