Darth Vargas

Sith Lord with dreams of conquest


owned a Corellian merchant vessel, Dark Tide. Maybe he still does. Former master and teacher of Illiana Turosin and survivor of the the Sith war through cryogenic freeze. When Illiana was ‘accidentally’ rescued by Vanya Ysadora, Staff Sergeant Lexics and Mentat Kitkat, Master Vargas was aboard the shuttle that they tried to explode with thermal detonators. When the shuttle wrecked, the pirates managed to finish off Vargas’ other two pupils but then perished by Vargas’ own enraged hand. He now seeks to re-establish control of the Tapani Sector and possibly ally with Palpatine until he can find a way to kill the Emperor and place himself on the throne. Along the way, he searches for (1) the small band that attempted to kill him, and (2) the whereabouts of his prize apprentice, Illiana. He doesn’t seem to have accomplished much, though.

First appeared in: Shards of Honor 8.0, Awakenings II, The Jedi Citadel

Darth Vargas

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